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Loctite Adhesives and Sealants

For over 50 years, Loctite has been a world leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments.  Loctite products are tested under extreme conditions and for some of the world’s most important aerospace, electronics and industrial manufacturing, maintenance and repair projects. carries a full line of Loctite gasket sealants, threadlockers, thread sealants, anti-seize  compounds and lubricants for many applications.

Seal Gaskets vs. Gasketing Sealants

Seal gaskets, or sealing gaskets, are used to bind objects together and prevent leakage once the bond is secure. While pre-cut sealing gaskets may provide an effective sealing solution, they are manufactured in multiple sizes and must be kept in stock for when a repair becomes necessary.  Keeping this inventory is both expensive and requires additional warehouse space.

Gasketing sealants, such as Loctite Gasket Ready liquid gasket, can be used in place of existing gaskets for any type of flange, rigid, permanent assemblies and non-rigid vibrating assemblies. 
Providing a more reliable and affordable alternative.


Thread Sealants

Pipe dopes and thread tapes are one way to attempt to seal fittings and pipe threads, but it's not thebest wayPipe joints are dynamic, they experience vibration, changing pressures and changing temperatures, all of which put stress on threads and lead to leakage and expensive repairs.

Easy to apply Loctite Thread Sealants instantly provide a durable seal between close fitting threads to prevent the costly leakage of gas and liquids, while stopping corrosion and eliminating the problems caused when pipe dopes and tapes shrink and break down over time.



Threadlockers are a single component anaerobic adhesive comprised of unique liquid resins that harden (or cure) to a durable solid when exposed to metal ions in the absence of air. The anaerobic
cure mechanism allows the adhesive to flow and evenly settle to lock and seal threaded fasteners without curing permanently. 

Loctite threadlockers provide a reliable, removable and cost-effective approach to mechanical fasteners like lock washers and lock nuts.  Threadlockers lock against vibration and thermal expansion, seals against corrosion and leakage and reduces cost as expensive mechanical fasteners do not have to stocked.


Look to and Loctite to provide a solution for your gasket, sealant and threadlock needs. Call 1-800-358-4751 to order.