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Fulton XLT Powered Boat Winches - New Product

Fulton XLT Boat Trailer Winches

When you're beginning or ending your day on the water, the last thing you want to do is spend unnecessary time and energy at the boat ramp. With the Fulton XLT Powered Marine Winch, you no longer have to tire yourself out, or waste precious time cranking your boat on or off your trailer. With just the push of a button, show your boat who's boss, and let the powerful performance of this boat trailer winch do the work for you.

Fulton XLT Boat triailer winch

Powered Marine Winch

The XLT Powered Winch is Fulton's first fully DC powered marine winch that eliminates manual cranking. The XLT includes a free spool feature that allows you to get your line out quick if needed. It's sleek cover design protects against the elements, and allows for easy access of its controls. The line-in and line-out buttons conveniently located on the XLT's face, makes winching effortless when you're ready to launch your boat, or get back on dry land. Even better, Fulton went a step further and included a wireless remote, allowing you to stay high and dry while the XLT with its high torque power and fast pulling speed takes care of business. Tired of having your strap tangle and twist? The integrated swivel hook technology of the Fulton XLT keeps the preinstalled strap flat while winding. The fairlead is designed specially to protect your strap, or optional synthetic rope from damage.

Packed Full of Features

Don't like winching and hitching in the dark? Three built-in LED's light up the front of your boat and trailer hitch, letting you launch a boat at the crack of dawn, or stay on the water till the stars come out. Depending on what size boat you have, Fulton's got you covered. For your day runners, fishing boats and ski boats, the 500620 powered winch is perfect, handling boats up to 20 feet. The 500621 packs the power to handle those larger cabin cruisers up to 26 feet. Installing your XLT to your trailer is simple with Fulton's easy install system. Powering it only requires a two-wire hookup to your battery, and don't worry if your battery power's low. The XLT has a manual override that allows the winch to still be used.

  • Convenient wireless remote included
  • Rugged strap includes swiveling hook to prevent strap twisting
  • 3-position guide so strap comes out straight
  • Manual override using standard tools in case of power loss
  • Power in / Power out and free spool
  • Easy to access light and winch control switches
  • Corrosion resistant

Fulton XLT Boat Winch 500620

Works with boats up to 20 ft.
7,000 lbs. maximum boat weight

Fulton XLT Boat Winch 500621

Works with boats up to 26 feet
10,000 lbs. maximum boat weight

The power and performance of Fulton's XLT Powered Marine Winch means peace of mind, backed up by Fulton's five year limited warranty. 

Feel free to contact 1-800-358-4751 if you have any questions regarding Fulton boat trailer winches.

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