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Snow Plows - Front Suspension Improvement Options

Snow plows can be heavy! If you are sick of bashing your plow brackets every time you enter a driveway it may be time to consider some additional suspension support. The extra weight of a plow can cause the front of your truck to sag and sway. Not only does it look ugly, but it can be damaging to suspension and plow components. Whether you use a snow plow for your personal driveway, a landscaping business, or a municipality clearing runways and interstate highways there is a suspension kit designed to help support your snow plow.

Fixed Load Support for Snow Plows

These are suspension load support options that require no maintenance or adjustment after installation. Once installed these will offer constant support for any situation.

Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System)

The Timbren SES has been designed and tested in Canada since 1982 so they know snow! There are kits available for everything from light trucks to heavy duty municipal vehicles. The Timbren AEON is constructed from hollow rubber with specifically tuned durometers (rubber hardness) depending on the application. They are designed to be progressive, so they will have minimal effect on the unloaded ride. Timbrens are extremely durable and can take just about any punishment that you can dish out. Not only are they load rated for compression, but they are also rated for side loading. This means that the Timbrens will withstand applications where the Aeon may be in contact with control arms or suspension components at angles. Timbrens are normally recommended for heavy use where you may use a large plow or an aftermarket bumper. They will work best on a truck that has weight on the front end full time because when they are unloaded they can make the ride stiff.  Installation of these kits is easy. They are designed to replace the original bump and they will mount in their place. If any hardware or brackets are required, they will be included with the kit.

Timbren Timbren
Weight capacities: 600-14,000 lbs.
Installation: 45 Minutes - 1 Hour
Warranty: Lifetime


SumoSprings by SuperSprings used a closed cell urethane which is proprietary to SuperSprings.  It is a progressive material that has a softer engagement that increases as it is compressed. The materials density, tensile strength, rebound, and compression characteristics have been designed to suit snow plow applications. These will also mount in the factory bump stop locations making installing these kits fast and easy. We will normally recommend the Sumo Springs on front applications using lighter plows or if you need replacement bump stops that will help prevent rough bottoming out when going up steep driveways. These also work well on trucks that are not used to plow in the off season as they will have less of an effect on the unloaded ride.

SumoSprings for Snow plows

Weight capacities: 500-4,600 lbs.
Installation: Approximately 1 Hour
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Coil Spring Air Bags

Air Lift 1000 from Air Lift Company or Coil-Rite air springs from Firestone can be used on vehicles with a front coil spring suspension. The air bags fit inside the coil spring and when inflated they fill the gaps between the twists of the coil and resist compression. These kits can be adjusted by changing the air pressure in the bags and tuned to balance ride comfort and support.  When not in use they can be deflated to a minimum PSI and there will be little to no change in ride quality. These work best on a truck that is daily driven and will not have extra weight on the front in the off season.

Coil Spring Air Bags


Front Coil Spring Air Bags
Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
Installation: 30 minutes - 1 Hour
Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Heavy Duty Coil Springs

Heavy-duty coil springs are a great snow plow support option on plow trucks with worn out coils that are used primarily to plow. New heavy-duty coils will bring the ride height up and, on some applications, may even provide lift over stock height to act as a leveling kit. Dayton Super Duty coil springs will provide 1000LBS of additional capacity and a maximum of ½” lift over stock. SuperSprings SuperCoils can have as much as 2 to 2.5 times the capacity of stock coils and on some applications, they will lift up to 2.5” over stock. Installation is a bit more involved and may be more than a driveway project in some cases, but the results are worth it. These work best on full time plow/ work trucks and going overboard on the weight can make the ride stiff. If choosing a lifted coil, it may be necessary to move to a lifted shock to prevent over extension.

coils springs for snow plowing Weight Capacity: 
  • Dayton:  +1,000 lbs. per pair
  • SuperCoils:  2-2.5 X stock capacity
Installation: 1-2 Hours
  • Dayton: 1 year
  • SuperCoils: 3 years

All of these load support options will help provide your truck with the extra front-end support it needs for your snow plow. When choosing what kit is right for you it is best to consider the weight of the plow and how the vehicle is used in the off season. If you still need help deciding what kit is right for you give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 and we can help you make a decision that will best fit your needs.

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