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New Product - Air Lift Ultimate Plus Upgrade Kits

Air Lift Plus Upgrade Kits

If you have an Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 air bag kit on your truck, you can now upgrade your standard 5000 series kit with 5000 Plus features without having to purchase an entirely new system. New from Air Lift are two upgrade kits that give your standard LoadLIFTER 5000 series air springs the features and benefits of the new Air Lift Ultimate 5000 Plus line. The upgrade kits are designed to protect your air suspension from air leaks and the environment. So, whether you go with just the stainless steel braided air line upgrade (part 52300) or the complete Ultimate Plus package (part 52301),  Air Lift Ultimate Plus upgrade kits will give you the longest lasting load support system you can buy. No more cutting of air line or worrying about air leaks!

Braided Air Line Upgrade Kit 52300 includes:

Air Lift 52300

• Two 5.5 foot sections of stainless steel braided air line
• Two military-grade AN swivel fittings
• Two stainless steel Schrader valves
• Two fittings and nylon air line for integrating into on-board air compressor systems

Ultimate Plus Kit 52301 includes: 

Air Lift 52301

• Four Stainless steel roll plates which protect the air springs and help increase load capacity of the springs by up to 10%
• Two 5.5 foot sections of Stainless steel braided
• Stainless steel air spring mounting hardware.
• Two Military-grade AN fittings which simply thread together for a metal-to-metal seal, ensuring an easy-to-install, leak-free system with no air line cutting required.
• Two stainless steel Schrader valves
• Two fittings and nylon air line for integrating into on-board air compressor systems

If your air springs have been installed on your vehicle for longer than a year, Air Lift recommends also purchasing new air springs. Contact our air suspension experts at 1-800-358-4751 with any questions.

Firestone Digital Wireless Air Command F3 - New Air Compressor Kit


Firestone’s new Air Command F3 Wireless Air System, part number 2581, is a great way to adjust your air springs remotely from either inside or outside the vehicle. The one push wireless controller allows side-to-side leveling, real-time pressure readout, dual left and right psi and air pressure control readouts. The easy to read digital display can be read during the day but does not blind you at night. It also utilizes a new sleep cycle and LED display that reduces energy use and improves battery life.Firestone wirelesss air digital air control system

Installation could not be easier with only three wires to connect to the vehicle and one to the compressor. The new design allows the air lines and wiring harness to all be plugged into the same side of the unit for simpler routing of lines and power supply.

The Wireless F3 kit bundles the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and valve block into a single unit for improved durability, reliability and streamlined installation. The new single-unit design has been tested to withstand pressurized water, road chemicals, salt spray, and immersion. The housing unit is also environmentally protected from ice, slush, mud, dust, extreme temperatures and rust, so it can be mounted anywhere.

Firestone F3 wireless air

Firestone’s new Air-Command F3 gives you the freedom to adjust your air springs to accommodate different loads and road conditions whether you are in or away from your vehicle and includes everything you need to get your system up and running.

Benefits of the Firestone Wireless Air Command F3

So add the convenience of wireless remote control of your air springs with the new Firestone Air-Command F3 wireless air system and take the work out of airing up your air bags.

firestone rr2581

You can order the new Firestone Wireless Air Command F3 air compressor kit online or by calling 1-800-358-4751.

How much air pressure should I put in my air bags?

If you adding air bags to your car, truck, suv or motorhome you’re probably wondering how much air should you put in the air bags.  There is no golden rule for the amount air pressure you should start with. You have to take into account a few things before you start inflating you air bags.

All air bag kits will have a warning on how much air pressure you can put in them. It will vary from manufacturer and product line, but here are a few of the more popular kits and their maximum psi. The maximum psi will vary with your specific air bag kit number, so you should check the instructions for your specific air bag kit. Most air bag kits will fall into this range.

Air Lift 1000 kits – 35 to 100 lbs. maximum PSI  (Varies with application)
Firestone Coil-Rite Kits – 35 to 90 lbs. maximum PSI  (Varies with application)
Air Lift Ride Control kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
Firestone Sport-Rite kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
Firestone Ride-Rite Kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
Hellwig Air Bag Kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI

So, now that we have the maximum amount of air that you can put into your air bags out of the way, let’s look at how much you should put into them to get the ride you want.  First thing you want to do after installing your air bag kit is to get your vehicle on a level surface, next to an air pump at a gas station will work. Make sure you have the minimum air pressure in your air bags, 5 lbs., before heading out.

Air Pressure

Inflate your air springs so your truck or SUV is level and your headlights are at a correct angle. Also check your truck from the rear and make sure you are level from side-to-side. Inflate or deflate your air bags until you have the height you want. If you are planning on filling the back of your pickup truck with logs, obviously you’ll want to over compensate for the upcoming load.

Now that your truck is level, take if for a ride and check the ride comfort and stability. If it feels stiff you may have too much air pressure.  We have found it is easier to start out with more air than you think you need and work your way down, fine tuning until you get the desired ride from your air bags.  This can take a little work if you are manually inflating and deflating your air springs. We recommend an air compressor kit if you plan on using your air bags frequently and tow more than a few times a year. Air compressor kits allow you to inflate and deflate your air springs from the inside of your truck and monitor the air pressure at all times. We have found they are worth the extra money and people that have air compressor kits seldom run into air bag problems associated with low air pressure.

Due to the fact that air bag kits are installed on a wide variety of vehicles with suspensions in various conditions there is not a set psi number you should go with. Unfortunatley, you cannot say for example, use 50 psi in your air bags if you have a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD and you are towing a 30 ft. Jayco travel trailer. If you haul heavy loads and your leaf springs are worn out, you will need more air than the other guy with the same truck but whose leaf springs are in good condition. The psi will vary with how much weight your are towing or hauling and the condition of your trucks suspension.

While we are discussing air pressure, we have to mention minimum air pressure. The most common cause for failure in air bags is running them without the minimum air pressure. This causes them to bottom out, tear, etc. You should always keep 5 lbs. of air pressure in your air bags to prevent any damage. 5 lbs. will not affect your ride but will ensure your air bags last. This is where an air compressor kit comes in handy, monitoring and maintain the minimum air bag pressure.

Remember it will take a few tries to get the air pressure exactly where you want it. Don’t expect to get it perfect or settle on your first go around. Add and deflate until your vehicle is level and you have the ride comfort and stability you want. It will take some tinkering, but it can be achieved. You can call Michigan Truck Spring at 1-800-358-4751 or 989-755-0561 if you have any questions regarding air springs or airbag kits. They have been installing and selling them for years and have hands on experience with just about every make and model truck.