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KrestoGT Hand Soap – Destroy dirt and grime, not your hands!

kresto gt hand soap
KrestoGT's line of all-natural hand cleaning products get the job done without those harmful solvents you find in other soaps. These biodegradable scrubbers are soft enough for the hands and just about any other surface. KrestoGT scrubbers have smooth edges that will keep things clean while simultaneously neutralizing odors. These cleaning solutions are available in pump-top bottles, cartridges for wall-mounted dispensers, dual-sided portable scrubber towels and 250 ml flip-top tubes.

KrestoGT Features

You won't have to worry about KrestoGT's ingredients harming your hands or other sensitive surfaces. These heavy duty cleaners clean without any damaging agents mixed in. There's no pumice, solvents, distillates, petroleum, kerosene, plastic particles or byproducts of crude oil. Each KrestoGT formulation has been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with skin. The hand soap is environmentally friendly to boot. Apply some KrestoGT to heavy soils and you will be surprised at just how well it works. The soap's scrubbers are actually made with walnut shell powder and cornmeal for a smooth and easy application that won't damage your drain on the way down.

Who KrestoGT is Made For

Just about everyone can benefit from this soap product. It removes grime, grease, oil and graphite from the hands without drying out your skin. This is made possible thanks to the soap's built-in moisturizers. Those who do work with their hands will especially love this soap's ability to clean through just about any substance. KrestoGT is even available in wipe form so you can use it when you have a mess but lack access to a source of water. The wipes are great addition to your tool box, car, camp site, or anywhere where water is not readily available.  You can mount KrestoGT dispensers in your shop, garage, basement or pole barn. Each dispenser has BioCote protection to fight against exposure to mold and bacteria.

KrestoGT Fragrances and Package Selections

Kresto GT is available in a variety of scents. The Cherry Turbo has a lovely rich fragrance that blocks out pesky odors you'd like to eliminate. It cuts right through grime, grease, oil and just about anything else. Other fragrances include Orange Boost and a specialized formula called Paint Shop. Paint Shop is ideal for quickly and safely removing oil-based paints, tar, adhesives, lacquers and asphalt. It's an excellent substitute for thinners and other varieties of solvents. Each fragrance will last at least a full two years from the date of manufacture. This is a soap you can trust. It is perfect for your workshop, garage, basement or anywhere else in the home.
You can order KrestoGT online or call us at 1-800-358-4751.

Kresto Cherry

Kresto Cherry from Stoko skincare is a new version of its popular soap Kresto.  Kresto Cherry has
the same advanced cleaning power as Kresto with an added fresh cherry scent. 

“‘Hand soap in a truck suspension parts blog?” you may ask. Well, we have been using the old school Kresto for years in our automotive repair shop and have a dozen mechanics that use it daily. We highly recommend it based on our experience to anyone that works in the automotive industry or home mechanics.  Kresto soap is already very popular in the automotive industry and the new cherry scent is sure to increase the popularity. Kresto Cherry has a fresh scent that will help remove the unwanted orders like gas, brake clean, oil, etc.  from your hands and arms.  Kresto Cherry will help remove everything from industrial dirt, grease, oil, ink, metal dust, adhesives, and soot.

Like Kresto soap, Kresto Cherry contains natural, biodegradable walnut shells that act as scrubbers to clean your hands.  The biodegradable walnut shells are tested and proven to not clog drains like other leading hand soaps.

Kresto Cherry is offered in the same convenient sizes as Kresto:

Kresto Cherry2000 ml Softbottle

      For use with Stoko SVP Dispensers

Perfect for shop restrooms, changing rooms and wash sinks located out in the garage.

Easy to use and refill



Kresto Cherry
½ Gallon Pump Top Bottle

    Built-in pump

Portable bottle with handle

Perfect for the back of your work truck

Great for home garages and mudrooms



 Kresto Cherry
400 ml Squeeze Bottle

    Perfect for the tool box, camper, and motorhome

Convenient flip-top for easy use and storage

Professional cleaning power in a travel size

Always close at hand



Kresto Cheery performed just as we thought it would in our shop. The new scent is a nice addition to an already excellent hand soap. We believe a long time Kresto users will enjoy the change and would put it head to head with any hand soap competitor like GoJo, Purell or Zep.

View Kresto Cherry MSDS

You can order the new Kresto soap by calling 1-800-358-4751 or 989-755-0561.