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Bilstein Monotube Shocks

the Technology of BILSTEIN’s Monotube Design

Bilstein monotube shocks are the perfect choice for those who demand the most from their vehicle. The monotube technology provides greater damping power due to the larger surface area of the piston. This results in improved handling, consistent performance, and longer service life. They use this technology in many of their popular series such as the Bilstein 5100, Bilstein 4600 and Bilstein HD Shocks.

Heat is one of the major detriments to the performance and longevity of any shock absorber. Conventional twintube designed shocks trap the heat within the shock body and do not let it adequately dissipate, making them prone to heat build-up, fade and eventual failure. When under movement or pressure, the fluid starts foaming leading to poor ride quality. By contrast, Bilstein’s superior monotube high gas pressure design allows the excessive heat from the oil to transfer to the outer surface of the shock body and dissipate more efficiently. The dividing piston also permits the oil to expand as heat builds, preventing aeration (foaming) and viscosity loss. This allows the shock to maintain full damping characteristics as temperatures rise.

Product Features:
  • Reduced heat and better performance under all conditions.
  • One piece aluminum rod guide and seal.
  • Large self-adjusting digressive piston.
  • High pressure nitrogen gas & “floating” dividing piston.
  • Maintains safe, smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Monotube steering dampers also available for some models.
  • Fewer moving parts reduces component wear for increased durability.
  • Designed specifically for your vehicles unique suspension.
bilstein shocks

Hard Chrome Piston Rod: Features a super finished hard chrome plated surface with a maximum peak-to-valley measurement of .0002mm.

One Piece Aluminum Rod Guide & Seal: Keeps dirt out and maintains a nearly friction-free surface for longer life.

Self-Adjusting Digressive Piston: Instantly reacts and adjusts for any condition. Provides maximum vehicle body motion control while maintaining superior comfort.

BILSTEIN’s Industry Leading Monotube Design: Provides superior tube strength while maximizing heat dissipation and shock life.

High Pressure Nitrogen Gas & "Floating" Dividing Piston: Nitrogen gas maintains constant pressure against the low mass “floating” dividing piston and column of hydraulic oil, eliminating the possibility of oil foaming and performance loss.

Monotube vs. Twintube Shock Design

  • 228% larger piston allowing greater sensitivty and tighter vehicle control.
  • Self-adjusting degressive valving.
  • Better heat dissapation reducing premature shock failure.
  • Less moving parts than twin tube shock for better durability.

monotube piston

Monotube Shocks

twintube piston

twintube Shocks

BILSTEIN’s Digressive Working Piston Assembly

The piston head design allows independent tuning of the compression and rebound damping forces to provide optimum ride comfort and performance without compromise. It features fewer parts than most conventional twintube and so-called “road sensing” shock designs. This simple, yet exceptionally functional digressive design contributes to the extreme durability and long life of Bilstein Shocks.

piston assembly

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