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Bubba Rope is more than just a recovery rope!

Looking for the best in recovery ropes? Bubba rope has the answer. Many of the recovery ropes, straps and chains that you see on the market today will do the job, but have their downfalls. Ropes and straps can fray and lose their strength over time due to the exposure to water, mud and the sun. Tow chains are heavy, take up a lot of storage room and can be unsafe if not used correctly.

Bubba Rope is a one of a kind tow and recovery rope that is adapted from military specifications. Bubba rope uses a 100% double braided nylon rope that is dipped in a polymer base. This coating provides the recovery rope with a uv protected, water resistant, and abrasion resistant protection. The polymer base coating will give your rope a much longer life span that other ropes on the market that do not offer this protection.

Bubba Rope Bubba rope also offers extra protection by coating the eyes of the recovery rope with a tough polymer coating. This coating is applied to the wear points of the rope and will prolong the life of your tow rope. They refer to this coating of the wear points as Gator-ized, as it looks and acts like the tough skin found on an alligator.

Bubba Rope has sizes and break strengths for just about every application.

Bubba Rope Lil' Bubba - 1/2" x 20' - Gatorized 

Perfect for ATV's. Very compact ATV rope yet it packs a 7,400 lb. break strength. This 1/2" x 20' ATV rope is easily attached to the back of your ATV and includes a mesh duffle bag for easy storage.


Bubba Rope

Bubba Rope 7/8" x 20' - Gatorized 

The 20' size make this recovery rope perfect for rock crawlers. With its 28,600 lb. break strength it is well suited for the trail. Includes a duffle bag for easy storage.


Bubba Rope


Bubba Rope 7/8" x 30' - Gatorized 

The 30' size of the Bubba Rope is great for the mudder in you. The 30' length allows you to dig out of the big mud holes and gives you a little more flexibility.


Bubba Rope

Big Bubba 1-1/4" x 30' - Gatorized 

Designed for full size trucks and big SUV's. The Big Bubba packs a 52,300 lb. break strength and includes a large duffle bag for easy storage.


Bubba Rope

Jumbo Bubba 1-1/2" x 30' - Gatorized 

This recovery rope is perfect for landscaping companies, plow trucks and construction crews. This tow rope packs a 74,000 lb. break strength.


Bubba Rope

Extreme Bubba 2" x 30' - Gatorized 

They don't call it Extreme Bubba for nothing! The whopping 131,500 lb. break strength is perfect for semi trucks, municipal plow trucks, fire trucks and farm equipment.

All Bubba ropes are Made in the USA by Certified Slings and are guaranteed against defects for as long as you own the rope. You can order online by calling 1-800-358-4751 or 989-755-1611. You can view more information on recovery and tow ropes at

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