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How To Install A Timbren Kit

timbren ses

Timbren SES - Easy To Install

Installing a Timbren suspension kit is easy, which is why it makes for a perfect do it yourself project. Most of the Timbren suspension upgrades only require a socket wrench and a screwdriver to install. The best part about installing these is that there is absolutely no wiring, or any air lines to connect, which means that there is nothing that can possibly leak. Each one of the suspension upgrades includes: 2 Timbren springs, installation instructions, mounting hardware and brackets. Most of the time, a Timbren kit can be installed in about an hour, but some installations take as little as 15 minutes. You can eliminate sagging leaf springs in less than an hour!

Listed below are installation videos that show a few different kits and the steps needed to install. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions and pictures that give an overview of installing a rear suspension kit.


EASY INSTALLATION - Timbren suspension ugrades are easy to install with simple hand tools. Keep your tow vehicle level and eliminate trailer body roll and sway in a few easy steps.

GMRCK25D INSTALLATION - This video shows how easy it is to upgrade the suspension on your newer model Silverado and Sierra 2500 and 3500 work truck.

GMRCK15S INSTALLATION - Silverado and Sierra 1500 owners, take a look at how quickly you can install this suspension kit and eliminate rear suspension sag and sway!

GMRTT15S INSTALLATION - This set of Timbrens is for severe service applications, which means that it should only be used on a truck using a slide in camper or salt-spreaders.


wheel chocks


Important! Use wood blocks or wheel chocks to prevent your vehicle from rollling during the install process. Don't overlook this step - it can prevent serious injuries.

bottle jack raises vehicle


Lift your vehicle with a floor or bottle jack. Place jack stands underneath the frame rail. Removing the tire is optional, but will make the install a little easier.

remove factory bump stop


Depending on the application, you will unbolt it or use a flat head screwdriver and pry out the existing bump stop. This is where your new Timbren spring will mount.

assemble timbren rubber springs


Some kits only have one bolt to insert, others have a mounting bracket and many come assembled. This will vary with the application and typically only takes a few minutes.

mount the timbren spring


Install your springs using the include hardware as noted in the instructions. They will use existing mounting holes.

reinstall wheel


Double check your wheel nuts if you removed them, and then remove your jack stands and lower vehicle.

check clearance for timbren spring


Measure the distance from the bottom of the Timbren spring to your axle. The gap required will vary with the application.

timbren installation complete


Hook up a trailer, boat or fill up your pickup bed with a heavy load and forget about sag and sway with your level truck.

timbren steel mounting brackets


Timbren uses steel brackets that are laser-cut before being finished with a tough, long-lasting powder coat to ensure protection, long life and easy installation.


Below are a few common questions we receive about installing Timbren helper springs . If you are unable to find the answers to your questions here or on our website, please don't hesitate to call us at 1 800-358-4751

The amount of time will vary with the kit you are installing and the equipment you have. Typical installation at a home garage with tongue jacks and a socket wrench will take about an hour. If you are service facility and have pits or lifts, the install process can sometimes be done in as little as 15 minutes.

Yes, everything is included except the tools - for most applications all that is needed is a wrench and a screwdriver. The kits include all the necessary hardware, the 2 Timbren springs and instructions.

They are hollow rubber springs that do not require any air. Air spring kits will require an air compressor kit or some type of inflation device. These require no air and once you install them they require no attention or maintenance.

This will depend on the vehicle you are installing the kits on. Both replace the factory bump stops, so the install process will be similar. SumoSprings have applications that are always in contact, so the install may include top and bottom brackets. We recommend reviewing the instructions for each kit for comparison. Overall, both are a simple installation that can be done at home.

This is commonly caused by too small of a gap from the bottom of the spring to the axle. Timbren bases this gap from the top of your axle to the bottom of the rubber spring using a suspension that is in good condition. If you have a suspension that is showing some signs of fatigue, this can reduce the size of the gap. Ideally for rear kits you should have a 1 inch gap for light duty pickup trucks, and SUV’s. 1 ton trucks typically have a ½ inch gap and heavy duty applications are always in contact. If you have a ¼ inch gap the spring will come into contact when hitting a large bump or pothole causing a rough ride. This can be corrected by removing the spacer that comes with the kit to increase the size of the gap.

We see this more often on older trucks that have a weakened leaf springs or other components of the suspension. If your springs are worn out, we recommend replacement leaf springs before installing a Timbren SES kit. Constant contact will not harm anything as the Aeon springs are progressive. They will help support the extra weight of the load and take some of it off your existing suspension and disperse it to the axle. It will not harm the axle. If you were hitting your bump stops before and now you have full time contact with your Timbren springs, you are much better off. The jarring caused by hitting your factory bump stops can cause damage to your suspension. It will not cause problems if you are constantly riding on your Timbren springs.

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