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Adjustable Torsion Bar Lever | Suspension Maxx | MAXX CAM 3 | Front | GM


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Constructed solely from 4140 heat-treated alloy steel for the Silverado and Sierra 2500HD and 3500, this 7 position adjustable torsion bar lever offers 1-2.5 inch lift or drop with no degradation in handling or ride quality.

Product Specs for SuspensionMaxx SMX-MC3

  • Location:Front
  • Front Lift Height:1" - 2.5"
  • Leveling Kit Type:Torsion Bar Key
  • Max Tire Size:33"
  • Instructions:Click to view SMX-MC3 instructions.
  • Manufactured In:United States
  • MPN: SMX-MC3
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SuspensionMaxx SMX-MC3 Details

Suspension Maxx MAXX CAM 3 Leveling Kit

Does your truck suffer from front-end fatigue? Want to add a new set of off-road tires, but don't have the clearance? Add Suspension Maxx's patent-pending Maxx Cam leveling kit, and custom calibrate the suspension travel of your vehicle's front end.

MAXX Cams are an innovative 2-piece adjustable torsion bar suspension levers engineered to allow you to calibrate the suspension travel of your vehicle's front end up to 3 inches. Use it to restore lost ride height, as a result of torsion bar fatigue, or to increase front end clearance, enabling you to choose more aggressive off-road tires. Want a lowered look? MAXX Cams can be used to reduce the suspension travel of the front end, and lower it.

Winner of the 2006 SEMA best new product and made in America, the Maxx Cam 2 is manufactured from 4140 alloy steel. Designed for heavy duty and off road use, each Maxx Cam 3 is heat treated to ensure added strength.

The SuspensionMAXX MAXXCam 3 Adjustable Torsion Bar Leveling Kit replaces your stock torsion bar keys with an adjustable design that enables you to lift, level or lower the front suspension of your GM Heavy Duty truck just the right amount for your needs. Installation of MAXX CAM 3 Leveling Kit for the GM 2500HD & 3500HD
  • Max Tire Size: 33 Inches
  • Lift Amount: 1 - 2.5 Inches

Typical Applications

  • Level your vehicle
  • Increase or Lower front end ride height
  • Eliminate front end sag caused by winches, snow plows, and heavy bumpers
  • Increase tire clearance, allowing you to use more aggressive off-road tires

Each kit includes (2) Maxx Cams, and installation instructions.

Vehicle Application Guide for SuspensionMaxx SMX-MC3

The SMX-MC3 Adjustable Torsion Bar Lever | Suspension Maxx | MAXX CAM 3 | Front | GM is engineered to work with specific vehicles displayed below. Can't find your vehicle, or need assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or 1-989-755-0561. Browse the category SuspensionMaxx Leveling Kits Torsion Bar Keys , to view all vehicle makes and models.

  • Chevrolet
  • GMC
YearMakeModelVehicle OptionInstallation Notes
2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2011 GMC Sierra 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2011 GMC Sierra 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2012 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2012 GMC Sierra 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2012 GMC Sierra 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2013 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2013 GMC Sierra 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2013 GMC Sierra 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2014 GMC Sierra 2500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive
2014 GMC Sierra 3500 HDFits 4 Wheel Drive

Customer Q&A - SuspensionMaxx SMX-MC3

I am looking for a 2 inch lift for my 2006 GMC 2500 HD front suspension only looking to lower my differential also

This kit will not fit a 2006 GMC 2500 HD. The correct kit is a SMX-MC2HD but the leveling or lift kits for those models do not require the differential position to be changed until a 4" lift height so the SMX-MC2HD will not include hardware to drop the differential. At this time we do not carry a leveling kit for a 2006 that includes differential drop hardware.

do u need to get wheel aliment after

Yes, with any suspension modification an alignment is recommended immediately after installation to avoid tire wear.

Hi. So it appears I cannot use the Max 3 on my 2009 Duramax. Only the max 2. Without all the spacer options the 3 offers, how to avoid the control arm issues and clearance with stop issue and differential angle problem with my truck? I want to level my truck but not crest ride issues and bad angles on ball joints and differential. I'm confused. Thanks, Bob

The Maxx Cam 2 is the correct model for 2009 Chevy 2500HD and 3500HD. I spoke with Suspension Maxx about your concerns. On these models, they recommend staying in the 2" lift range to avoid clearance issues with the bump stops. At the 2.5" setting it will be closer to the maximum travel for the stock suspension components and you can run into some issues. If the torsion bars are at their stock setting now and no one has increased the adjuster bolts. At the 2" setting you should have no issues with balljoint and differential angles.

Do you sell anything to level my 2009 Chevy HD?

We do have leveling kits for a 2009 Chevy HD. The SMX-MC2HD fits the 2009 Chevy 2500 HD and 3500 HD.

Will it fit a 2500 hd Chevy 4x4 extended cab. 2013

Yes, the SMX-MC3 will fit the 2013 Chevy 2500HD 4X4, extended cab.

Will this work on a 2016 2500 HD?

Suspension Maxx Leveling kit SMX-MC3 will not work on the 2016 2500 HD. You will need kit SMX-MC5 for the 2016 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra 2500HD or 3500 4x4.


SuspensionMaxx has developed and refined durable products that solve your truck's problems, while being cost effective and maintaining stock vehicle integrity. Over the years the company has grown to be the "Superior Solution" for all your suspension troubles nation-wide. Now with patented designs, patents pending, and products for a wide variety applications from GM, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Isuzu and others on the way, they are effectively curing the automotive world of its 'sagging nose woes' one truck at a time! Suspension Maxx is dedicated to continuing their crusade of offering you the best possible product at the best possible value to ensure years of added enjoyment from your truck or SUV.

 Initially started as a collaboration of ASE Certified Mechanics, who over the years grew accustomed to developing their own specialized tools for job specific uses, SuspensionMAXX is a company with automotive know-how and practical innovation at its core. Suspension Maxx products are proudly made in the USA.

SuspensionMaxx Warranty

Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

SuspensionMaxx offers a limited lifetime structural warranty on all leveling kits.

1 Year Limited Warranty

SuspensionMaxx offers a 1 year limited warranty on all MaxxLinks sway bar links.

SuspensionMaxx stands behind its products with a limited warranty. This covers defects in material and workmanship.

What the warranty does not cover

Normal wear and tear or any other loss, liability or damage resulting from improper installation, disassembly handling or use of the product. Wearable items including polyurethane and rubber components are not covered. Incidental, consequential or other damages resulting from the disassembly, installation or use of this product.

You can view the full details of SuspensionMaxx warranty here.

How to get service

Contact SuspensionMaxx at 1-888-629-9226 for warranty claims.

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