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Air Lift 72000 WirelessAIR air compressor kit with a heavy duty compressor and wireless hand held unit allows for convenient operation. Controls two air springs independently and automatically maintains set pressures. Compact digital remote the size of garage door opener with memory buttons for frequently used settings.

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Product Specs for Air Lift 72000

  • Amp Draw:10 amps
  • Compressor:Light Duty
  • Duty Cycle:9 percent
  • Gauge Type:Wireless
  • Air Path:Dual
  • Max PSI:120
  • Replacement Compressor:Air Lift 16092
  • Type:Vehicle Mounted
  • Tank Size:Tankless
  • Air Suspension Ready:Yes
  • Tire Fill Ready:No
  • Suggested Use:Air Lift 1000
  • Suggested Use:Firestone Coil-Rite
  • Suggested Use:Air Lift Ride Control
  • Suggested Use:Firestone Sport-Rite
  • Suggested Use:Air Lift LoadLifter 5000
  • Suggested Use:Firestone Ride-Rite
  • Suggested Use:Air Lift LoadLifter 7500XL
  • Instructions: AirLift 72000 Installation Instructions.
  • Rebate:Buy a qualifying Air Lift on-board air compressor system from and have it installed by our professional technicians and receive a $75.00 rebate. Rebate expires December 31, 2020. Rebate Form
  • Manufacturers Part Number:72000
  • UPC: 729199720000
  • MPN: 72000
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Air Lift 72000 Details

Air Lift Wireless Air 72000

Control your air springs on the go with the convenience of Air Lift’s WirelessAIR

features & benefits

  • With the touch of a button, control the pressure in your air springs from the cab of your vehicle
  • Exclusive two way communication provides advanced air system diagnostics such as leak detection and compressor communication failure
  • Control two air springs on one axle with WirelessAIR
  • Includes everything needed to install, including a heavy duty compressor, manifold, wiring harness, and wireless digital controller
  • 2 programmable pressure settings for the loads you tow or haul the most
  • Manifold is weather resistant and waterproof up to 2 ft for maximum life expectancy and protection from harsh vehicle environments and climates
This video walks you through the installation of the Air Lift Wireless air compressor system part 72000. The wireless air is a premium air compressor system that provides one-touch inflation and deflation of your air bags from inside or outside the vehicle. Installing The Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor - 72000

seperate air spring inflation

With the ability to inflate and deflate each air spring independently and to different pressures, WirelessAIR is perfect for users with uneven or top-heavy loads. With two user-defined memory buttons, WirelessAir can remember your frequently used settings.

Full Taper Leaf Spring

premium wireless control

Control air pressure easy with WirelessAir. Conveniently providing one-touch inflation and deflation of your air springs wether you're inside or outside the vehicle.

Full Taper Leaf Spring

Customer Q&A - Air Lift 72000

Lo puedo encontrar en Miami, USA.

We are an Air Lift distributor located in Michigan and have free shipping to Miami. We do not have a location in Miami.

We asked for an integrated air suspension system for the kia sorendo 2007 diesel 2500

Air Lift kit 60822 works on the inside of the coil springs of the Kia Sorento. It is designed to provide extra support and work in conjunction with the existing coil springs.

What is the normal installation time for the Air Lift Kit (AIR72000)

Air Lift lists the install time for the WirelessAIR 72000 system as 1 hour. We would allow for 2 if you have never installed one.

can this kit ,also deflate airbags,by using remote?thank you

Yes, The Air Lift Wireless Air has up and down buttons on the remote that are used to manually increase or decrease the air pressure in the air bags. It also has memory settings that can be programed to set your desired air pressure and it will maintain that pressure.

Can you put different set point in each spring and will it maintain the individual set points.

Air Lift Wireless Air 72000 allows you to set two different pressures and it will automatically maintain the set pressure individually.

By hooking up the right and left bags to the same airline cause side to side sway?

No, this will not cause sway. It is a very common practice to tee the air bags together.

By hooking up the right and left bags to the same airline cause side to side sway?

No, connecting the air bags together with a tee is a common practice on the single gauge compressor kits and on the manual fill valve kits. There is only a small volume of air that moves between the bags when cornering.

By hooking up the right and left bags to the same airline cause side to side sway?

A small volume of air moves between the air springs when cornering. We have not had any complaints of it causing side sway. It is very common to us the same air line and tee them into one fitting, connection.

Can an air lift compressor work with Firestone airbags ?

Yes, Air Lift wireless air compressor 72000 will work with Firestone air bags. All the Air Lift compressors will work with all the Firestone air bag kits.

Could I mount a small air tank (1-2 gallon) between the compressor and the wireless manifold and use it for an on-board air compressor resource? Would this configuration and occassional use (ATV tires, trailer tires, topping of truck tires, etc.) shorten the life of the compressor?

The air compressors in the Air Lift Wireless Air are not driven by a pressure switch. It is designed to be on demand so it would not be advisable to add an air tank into the system. The manifold is not designed to hold pressure from both sides. A system that is both wireless and has tire fill capability would be the Firestone kit FIR2541.

I have a 2008 3/4 Ram with your wireless unit and hauling a truck camper. It seems that this unit will dump air while ascending a hill and add air while descending the next. It does this even when the road leans one way or the other. We are not talking off road but just the highway. I just took a 6,000 trip and it was active on each elevation change. Now the air pump is laboring to fill the bags. This can't be the normal operation can it? I just want to fill the air bags and remove the air when the camper is removed. Can this unit be reprogramed to stop this? If not I am going to remove it.

We spoke with Air Lift technical support and they said that this is normal operation for the Air Lift Wireless Air. When the vehicle climbs or descends a hill the pressure in the air bags may change and the kit automatically compensates by removing or adding air pressure.

Can this be used to inflate/deflate a pair of front and rear or can it only be used to control a pair of rear individually? I am wanting a wireless controller to use on an air lift 1000 kit for the front and an air lift ride control kit for the rear.

Yes, Air Lift Wireless Air Kit 72000 could be used to control a set of front air bags together and a set of rear air bags together. The front bags would be controlled as a pair and the rear as a pair. The air supply to both would have to be teed together with a union tee and then run to the control box.

Can I purchase a replacement remote control?? And how much is the cost? where can I purchase a replacement remote control for the wireless system.

The replacement gauge for Air Lift wireless air kit 72000 is available. We currently do not have it available online, please contact us at 1-800-358-4751 for pricing and ordering.

I am interested in the temperature specifications. I live and work in Canada with my busy season being the winter and down to -45C. I am looking at mounting the compressor outside in the box of the truck underneath a sled deck so protected from snow, rain, mud etc but not the temperature. Looking to see if I would have any problems with the temperatures. Thanks, Byron Crook

Bryon, The temperate specs on the air compressor used in Air Lift Wireless Air 72000 are: Max. Ambient Temperature: 158°F, 70°C Min. Ambient Temperature: -40°F, -40°C Thank you and stay warm!

The Air Lift Company has been developing air spring suspension products for over 50 years. The original product, a rubber air spring inserted into a car's factory coil spring, was developed and patented in 1950.

The versatility of Air Lift air springs were proven during the early years of stock car racing. Air Lifts were used by most of the stock car racing teams for twenty years or so until the racing suspensions evolved to more sophisticated systems. The Air Lift Company sponsored cars were tough competitors on the NASCAR Grand National Circuit. The Air Lift Company has the longest history of product development dedicated solely to the development of light vehicle air suspension products.

First, in the 1950s, Air Lift pioneered the use of air spring inserts in coil spring suspensions. Then, in the 1960s, Air Lift introduced the use of sleeve-type air springs on pickup truck suspensions. During the 1980s Air Lift started using air helper springs on motor homes and ambulances. Street rods and lowered vehicles were the target in the 1990s. Today's products are an evolution of Air Lift's breakthrough development programs applying the use of air springs in light truck and motor home suspensions. Air Lift has won more SEMA awards for air spring development products than any other company.

Air Lift Warranty

Air Lift Performance Products - 1 year limited warranty on all bolt on Air Lift Performance applications, Compressors and Air Management systems. No warranty is offered on Fabricator Kits for the Universal Air Struts.

airlift guarantee

Load Support products - 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all load support air springs and on-board compressor systems. Air Lift guarantees you’ll be happy with the improvement in ride comfort, load handling and air spring control or your money back.

airlift warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty - Air Lift 1000, Load Lifter 5000, Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate, Load Lifter 7500XL and Air Cell products are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty guarantees that air spring systems will be free from defects in workmanship or materials for the lifetime of the vehicle of original installation with no mileage restrictions. This does not include installation or other service charges for replacement.

airlift 2 year warranty

Two Year Compressor Warranty - Air Lift Wireless AIR, Wireless ONE, Smart Air, Quickshot, and all Load Controller compressor systems are covered with a 2 year warranty. Air Lift guarantees that these compressor systems will be free from defects in workmanship or materials for two years on the vehicle of original installation. This does not include installation or other service charges for replacement.

limited warranty and return policy.

What the warranty does not cover

Products that have been improperly installed, or which have not been maintained in accordance with installation instructions. Damage or failure caused by: accident, abuse, misuse (including but not limited to racing or off-road activities or commercial use), abnormal use, faulty installation, liquid contact, fire, earthquake or other external cause. Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the product.Consumable parts, such as batteries; cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches or dents or if any serial or identification number has been removed or defaced from the product. You can view the compelte details of Air Lifts warranty here.

How to get service

If a defect in workmanship or materials causes your Air Lift product to become inoperable within the warranty period, before returning any defective product, call Air Lift Company at (800) 248-0892 in the U.S. and Canada (elsewhere, (517) 322-2144 to obtain a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The consumer shall be responsible for removing (labor charges) the defective product from the vehicle and returning it, shipping costs prepaid, to Air Lift Company for verification.

california warning CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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