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Air Source Kit | Viair | 2.0 Gallon with 480C Compressor

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The 200 PSI Air Source Kits come with a 480C VIAIR compressor mounted on a 200 PSI-rated 2.0 gallon air tank with 5 ports.

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Product Specs for Viair 20008

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Viair 20008 Details


The 20008 200 PSI Air Source Kit comes with a 480C VIAIR compressor mounted on a 200 PSI-rated 2.0 gallon air tank with 5 ports.  All 200 PSI Air Source kits come with a pre-wired 165/200 PSI pressure switch.

Kits not only come with the industry’s leading 200 PSI compressors but also come with a drain cock, safety valve, 3/8-inch port compression fitting for 1/2-inch air line pre-installed!


  • 480C Pewter Compressor (200 PSI)
  • 2 Gallon Tank (200 PSI)
  • Pressure Switch (165 PSI On / 200 PSI Off)
  • Safety Valve (250 PSI)
  • Drain Cock
  • Leader Hose with Check Valve


  • 12-Volt
  • Permanent Magnetic Motor
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI
  • Max. Working Pressure: 200 PSI
  • Amp Draw: 20 Amps
  • Min. Ambient Temp: -40° F
  • Max. Ambient Temp: 158° F
  • Dimensions: 19 inch L x 6 inch W x 14.0 inch H
  • Net Weight: 22.95 lbs.

Customer Q&A - Viair 20008

Hello I want to know the size and weight of the product

Viair 20008 is: 19.7"L x 5.9"W x 13.9"H and - Net Weight: 22.95 lbs.

Hi it says 3/8 compression fitting for 1/2 inch line ? 3/8-inch port compression fitting for 1/2-inch air line pre-installed! Is there not a 1/2 inch NPT threaded bung with a 3/8 compression fitting for a 3/8 air line the manifold or air bags ?? Thanks Jim

Yes. The fitting is next to the popoff valve in the the front of the air compressor. It is a 1/2" NPT bung that comes installed in the tank. Feel free to call me at 1-800-358-4751 if you have any other questions. Thanks, Mike

if the tank is rated for 200 psi and the pressure valve range is 165 - 200. is there a pressure valve that's little smaller to keep tank from reaching its max rating. if tank rating is 200 psi how can it have a relief valve of 250

Viair 20 gallon air source kit 20008 can be used with a lower rated pressure switch. We spoke with Viair and they informed us that the tank can exceed 200psi. Some smaller pressure switches are the 90111 110psi on and 150psi off and the 90113 90psi on and 120psi off. Viair has a relief valve of 250psi to give the tank some tolerance if the psi does exceed 200psi. Viair has not had any problem with the pressure 165/200 pressure switch that included with the 20008.


Viair Corporation offers a full line air compressors and air accessories of unparalleled quality for on the road, off-road and industrial applications. Viair air products have unmatched quality to survive even the harshest clime and the most extreme conditions while consistently delivering a level of performance unknown by other renewable air sources. Viair is the name you can trust because it is you vital air source. For more information on Viair and their top of the line air source products, visit their website at viaircorp.com

Viair Corporation Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

On VIAIR compressors. VIAIR warrants their products against defects in materials and workmanship.

What the warranty does not cover

Normal wear and tear over time, damage from abuse or neglect, corrosion, and damage resulting from accidents is not covered. Improper installation. Any alteration of products beyond the included installation instructions will void the warranty. Cosmetic finish is not covered.

You can view the full details of Viair’s warranty here.

How to get service

Contact VIAIR corporation at 1-949-585-0011.
Fax a copy of your receipt to (949) 585-0188 or email the receipt to customerservice@viaircorp.com.

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