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Automann Air Spring | Reversible Sleeve | 1T15M-2

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Automann AB1DK23H-7667 Air spring replacement. Replaces Firestone 7667 and 8195. Firestone bellows number 1T15M-2 and Continental 9 10-12.

Product Specs for Automann AB1DK23H-7667

  • Firestone Bellows Number:1T15M-2
  • Replaces:8189 and 8195
  • Extended Height:16.70 inches
  • Compressed Height: 6.40 inches
  • Top Plate Width:9.00 inches
  • Piston Number:BS08128
  • Piston Width:9.53 inches
  • Ride Height:10.00 inches
  • Maximum Diameter:12.60 inches
  • Note:Plastic Base
  • UPC: 889626209932
  • MPN: AB1DK23H-7667
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Automann AB1DK23H-7667 Details

Airide springs can reduce your costs and increase your profits.

  • Last at least twice, and as much as four times longer than steel springs
  • Require little or no maintenance
  • Increase life of tires and brake linings
  • Substantially reduce breakage and maintenance of other vehicle components, including electrical, air conditioning, cab mounts, exhaust, chassis, seals, wiring and drive train
  • Let you haul anything; eliminate expensive deadheading runs
  • Reduce driver discomfort and dangerous fatigue; improve driver safety, productivity and loyalty
  • Allow perfect load equalization between axles; let you run at the maximum legal limit
  • Provide smoother ride for payload, reducing costly insurance claims and the expense of overpackaging
  • Pay you back at trade-in time; trucks and trailers with air suspensions are worth more
  • 100% of all air spring assemblies are pressure tested before they leave Firestones factory.
  • 2 year / 200,000 mile warranty.
  • Firestone is the original designer of composite pistons.
  • Firestone rubber compounds have superior 'flex' range through temperatures of -65 F to 135 F.

Air Spring Components

Inside the World’s No. 1 Air Spring:

Airide springs are available in single, double and triple convolution types plus reversible sleeve models for virtually every conceivable heavy-duty vehicle suspension application.

Firestone air spring

1) Stud - Manufactured as a permanent part of the bead plate assembly for maximum strength and durability. Used to attach the spring to the vehicle’s suspension.

2) Combo Stud - Serves the dual purpose of mounting the spring to the suspension and providing an entrance for air.

3) Blind Nut - Also a permanent part of the bead plate assembly. Provides an alternative mounting system to the stud.

4) Air Fitting - Usually 1/4 N.P.T. Provides an air entrance to the bellows.

5) Bead Plate - Crimped onto the bellows at the factory for a more durable design and maximum quality control. Allows 100% leakproof testing prior to shipment.

6) Bellows - The 'air bag' includes four plies of material: an inner layer, two plies of cord-reinforced fabric, and an outer cover. Natural rubber construction provides functional properties to –65F.

7) Bumper - A solid rubber or engineered plastic device designed to prevent significant damage to the vehicle or suspension in the event of a sudden loss of air pressure in the spring.

8) Piston - Provides a lower mounting arrangement for the air spring. Controls the characteristics of the spring under changing pressure loads.

9) Piston Bolt - Attaches the piston to the bellows. Sometimes extended as a means of attaching the spring to the vehicle suspension.

10) Girdle Hoop - A wire-wound ring molded into the bellows to provide lateral stability in convoluted type springs.

Composite Piston - Firestone offers a composite fiberglass reinforced plastic piston into its reversible sleeve Airide springs for bus suspensions.

These pistons are manufactured from a high percentage, glass filled thermosetting resin using stateof-the-art SMC technology. Compared to conventional steel or aluminum pistons, they are lighter, more impact-resistant, and impervious to atmospheric corrosion, water, salt, and ice-melting chemicals, plus their smooth non-porous surface finish virtually eliminates the buildup of harmful dirt and grit. This allows the rubber bellows of the air spring to last much longer due to significantly reduced wear as the bellows flexes up and down the smooth piston. At temperatures as low as -40°F, the new pistons are 100% functional.

Common Applications for Firestone Air Bags

Firestone Airide springs make big differences on heavy duty trucks and trailers in many ways.

Primary Trailer Suspension Air Springs provide outstanding cargo protection while reducing maintenance problems caused by road shock and 'trailer hop' when empty. Trailers last longer and can be used to haul a wider variety of cargo, reducing expensive empty trailer miles.

Lift Axle Air Springs allow you to lift the axle without ever leaving the cab. Saves tire wear under empty or partial load conditions and lets you negotiate tight corners with spread tandems.

Drive Axle Air Springs substantially improve the ride and handling of the tractor, resulting in greater driver comfort and safety, less tractor maintenance, longer tire wear and higher trade-in value. They require little maintenance and last more than twice as long as steel springs.

Front Axle Air Springs significantly improve steering and handling while improving tire wear and reducing problems caused by cab vibration.

Cab Mount Air Springs eliminate most problems experienced with standard cab mounts and help reduce damaging cab vibration.

Seat Air Springs increase driver comfort and help alleviate hazardous driver fatigue.

About Airride Springs

Although air springs are produced in single, double and triple convoluted and reversible sleeve styles, only those manufactured by Firestone Industrial Products Company bear the trademark 'Airide'.

Airide springs were pioneered and perfected by Firestone, and only Firestone offers a complete line of Airide springs, with replacement springs available for virtually every vehicular air suspension system. Today, Airide springs are used by practically all manufacturers who offer air suspension on their vehicles.

While it may appear simple, an air spring is actually a highly sophisticated and complex product. Even slight changes in design, methods of construction, or materials used can make vast and significant differences in performance.

It makes good sense to specify Airide springs by Firestone. That trade name on an air spring guarantees you the benefit of the very latest technical developments and improvements. It is your assurance of a product not only engineered and perfected to perform, but which also has a long history of superior performance in actual use.

Air Bag Identification Tips

Replacing worn out or broken air springs? Need help indentifying which air springs or air bags you need for your heavy duty truck, trailer or bus suspension? Review this air spring identification guide, or call 1-800-358-4751 to speak to a firestone air spring specialist.

Customer Q&A - Automann AB1DK23H-7667


Automann is premier global distributor and manufacturer of aftermarket truck and trailer chassis parts. Automann offers more than 10,000 products for heavy duty truck and trailers ranging from air brake & wheel to suspension components and just about everything in between.

Automann is headquartered in Somerset, NJ and operates a satellite west coast distribution facility in Ontario, CA.Formed in 1994 Automann has evolved into a leader in the heavy duty aftermarket. Automann is committed to the long term success of its distributors and continues to invest in expanding its product offering and improving its services.

At TruckSpring we have been working with Automann since their beginning. We stock a complete line of Automann heavy duty truck parts and have a great working relationship with Automann.

Automann Products Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

On all Automann products against defects in workmanship or material for a period of 1 year.

What the warranty does not cover

Damage from accidents, corrosion, improper installation, incorrect applications, overloading, and custom applications that are not specified under the OEM cross references. This warranty does not cover loss of freight, loss of profit, equipment, or personal downtime.

How to get service

If an Automann product failure results from a manufacturer defect, contact us at Michigan Truck Spring for support. You can contact us by phone at 1-800-358-4751 or by using our contact form.

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