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Tekonsha Brake Control Wiring Adapter 3040-P for the Lexus GX470, LX470, LX570, GX460, Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser and Sequoia is designed for brake controls that have a wiring port built into the back of the unit. Simply plug the brake control end of the wiring harness into the back of the brake control and the vehicle end into the vehicles OEM harness under the dash. The 2 plug adapter allows for easy Plug-n-Play installation.

Product Specs for Tekonsha 3040-P

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Tekonsha 3040-P Details

2-Plug units are designed for brake controls that have a wiring port built into the back of the unit. 

Simply plug the brake control end of the wiring harness into the back of the brake control and the vehicle end into the automobile's port. 

Brake controls that utilize the 2-plug style of wiring harness will be identified with the Plug & Play logo.

Vehicle Application Guide for Tekonsha 3040-P

The 3040-P Brake Control Wiring Adapter Kit | 2 Plug | Lexus, Toyota is engineered to work with specific vehicles displayed below. Can't find your vehicle, or need assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or 1-989-755-0561. Browse the category Brake Control Wiring Adapters to view all vehicle makes and models.

  • Lexus
  • Toyota
YearMakeModelVehicle OptionInstallation Notes
2003 Toyota 4Runner
2004 Toyota 4Runner
2005 Toyota 4Runner
2006 Toyota 4Runner
2007 Toyota 4Runner
2008 Toyota 4Runner
2009 Toyota 4Runner
2010 Toyota 4Runner
2011 Toyota 4Runner
2012 Toyota 4Runner
2013 Toyota 4Runner
2014 Toyota 4Runner
2015 Toyota 4Runner
2015 Toyota Land Cruiser
2014 Toyota Land Cruiser
2013 Toyota Land Cruiser
2011 Toyota Land Cruiser
2009 Toyota Land Cruiser
2010 Toyota Land Cruiser
2008 Toyota Land Cruiser
2007 Toyota Land Cruiser
2006 Toyota Land Cruiser
2005 Toyota Land Cruiser
2004 Toyota Land Cruiser
2003 Toyota Land Cruiser
2003 Lexus LX470
2004 Lexus LX470
2005 Lexus LX470
2006 Lexus LX470
2007 Lexus LX470
2006 Toyota Tundra
2007 Toyota Tundra
2008 Toyota Tundra
2005 Toyota Tundra
2004 Toyota Tundra
2003 Toyota Tundra
2009 Toyota Tundra
2010 Toyota Tundra
2011 Toyota Tundra
2012 Toyota Tundra
2013 Toyota Tundra
2014 Toyota Tundra
2013 Toyota Sequoia
2014 Toyota Sequoia
2015 Toyota Sequoia
2016 Toyota Sequoia
2017 Toyota Sequoia
2018 Toyota Sequoia
2019 Toyota Sequoia
2012 Toyota Sequoia
2011 Toyota Sequoia
2010 Toyota Sequoia
2009 Toyota Sequoia
2008 Toyota Sequoia
2003 Toyota Sequoia
2005 Toyota Sequoia
2004 Toyota Sequoia
2007 Toyota Sequoia
2006 Toyota Sequoia
2007 Toyota Tacoma
2008 Toyota Tacoma
2009 Toyota Tacoma
2010 Toyota Tacoma
2011 Toyota Tacoma
2012 Toyota Tacoma
2013 Toyota Tacoma
2015 Toyota Tacoma
2014 Toyota Tacoma
2009 Lexus GX470
2008 Lexus GX470
2006 Lexus GX470
2007 Lexus GX470
2005 Lexus GX470
2003 Lexus GX470
2004 Lexus GX470
2008 Lexus LX570
2009 Lexus LX570
2010 Lexus LX570
2011 Lexus LX570
2013 Lexus LX570
2014 Lexus LX570
2015 Lexus LX570
2015 Lexus GX460
2014 Lexus GX460
2013 Lexus GX460
2012 Lexus GX460
2010 Lexus GX460
2011 Lexus GX460

Customer Q&A - Tekonsha 3040-P


Tekonsha is the most recognized name when it comes to brake controllers and brake products. Tekonsha started making brake controllers in 1963. They are now a division of cequent towing products.

Tekonsha® is the industry leader and innovator in electric trailer brake controls and breakaway systems. No matter what you are towing, Tekonsha can help you stop it.

Tekonsha Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

Tekonsha offers a 1 year limited warranty on all products. Some products have longer warranty coverage periods. This coverage is item by item and you should review the warranty information included.

What the warranty does not cover

Normal wear and tear over time, damage from abuse or neglect, corrosion, and damage resulting from accidents is not covered. Improper installation including welding will void any warranty. Any alteration of products beyond the included installation instructions will void the warranty.

You can view the full details of Tekonsha’s warranty here.

How to get service

For warranty claims on Tekonsha® products contact Cequent Performance Products by phone at 1-800-521-0510.

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