LED Work Light | BriteZone Go Anywhere Hand Held | 1100 Lumens

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Grote EZ Grip Hand Held LED Work Light BZ501-5 features 6 high performance LED's to shed light on any use. Features a rugged, durable black powder coated, die cast aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens and magnetic polymer base which allows you to secure the lamp to most metal surfaces. Includes wall charger and a car charger for added convenience. 12 volts, 12 watts, 1,100 raw lumens.

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Product Specs for Grote BZ501-5

  • Light Type:Work Light
  • Bulb Type:LED
  • LED Color:White
  • Volts:12
  • Watts:12
  • Lumens:1,100 Raw
  • Grote Number:BZ501-5
  • Data Sheet: Grote BZ501-5
  • MPN: BZ501-5
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Grote BZ501-5 Details

Customer Q&A - Grote BZ501-5

When charging it what color should the charge indicator light be, mine is blinking red and green, is that normal?

I spoke with Grote on this and they advised as long as your light is fully charging this is OK. The light will normally change to solid green when the light is charged. If it is not fully charging and you purchased it from us please give us a call with your order number and we will have it replaced. If you did not purchase the light from us you will need to contact the vendor you purchased it from for a warranty claim.


Not many companies can say that they have been in business for over one hundred years, but Grote Industries has been making quality products since 1901. With a passion for the customer, Grote is defined by a focus on the customer, a true passion for understanding their customers and the ways they can help them become even more successful. From durable, easy to see stop lights to the latest in LED lighting technology, Grote has been leading the way in advanced vehicle system solutions from early in the last century right up to today. Still family owned, Grote is a brand you can trust with all your lighting needs.

Grote Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

Grote warrants all Grote products against defects in workmanship or material. To be eligible for warranty on lighting products the following guidelines must be followed when installing Grote products.

Installation Guidelines:

Grote Systems – Grote lamp assemblies and harness products are designed to function as a complete system; therefore, this limited warranty shall not extend to failure of any Grote products caused by the use of incompatible lamp assemblies, harness products or other components.

Heat – All electronic and lighting products produce heat. The installer is responsible for assurance that the application of the component will not result in contact with flammable material.

Surface Mount – The following procedures need to be practiced to assure proper installation: The lamp should be placed on a level unobstructed surface. Number 10 screws should be tightened to 25 in. pounds of torque. Only Grote ULTRA-BLUE-SEAL® pigtails should interface with any Grote lamps. These guidelines will assure the products will function and last as they were designed. Deviations from these guidelines will void any warranty.

Design Voltage and Current – Current is provided as an approximate value and is listed for the design voltage of the lamp. The design voltage of the lamp may vary. Customers should contact Grote Industries if detailed information is required.

You can view the full details of Grote’s warranty here.

How to get service

To be eligible for limited warranty consideration contact Grote customer service at 800.628.0809 (In Canada call 800.268.5612).

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