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Crosby 1/2 inch G-209 Screw Pin Carbon Anchor Shackle, Galvanized with .63 pin diameter and 2 ton working load limit. Made in the U.S.A

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Product Specs for Crosby 191460

  • Nominal Size:1/2"
  • Work Load:2 Tons
  • Manufactured In:United States
  • Note:Works great with Lil' Bubba 1/2" x 20' tow ropes.
  • MPN: 191460
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Crosby 191460 Details

G-209 Crosby Screw Pin Anchor Shackles are Forged-Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins. Working load is permanently shown on every shackle. These Shackles meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26 including identification ductility, design factor, proof lead and temperature requirements. They also meet other critical performance requirements not addressed by ASME B30.26.

G-209 Screw pin anchor shackles meet the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271F Type IVA, Grade A, Class 2, except for those provisions required of the contractor.

Forged - Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins.

  • Working Load Limit permanently shown on every shackle.
  • Hot Dip galvanized
  • Look for the Red Pin . . . the mark of genuine Crosby quality.
  • Made in America.

Customer Q&A - Crosby 191460

Our job is building tower lines and now we are going across Labrador. Is there a limit on cold weather usage. We have heard rumors that Crosby should not be used when the temperature is -40C. Is this correct?

Crosby shackles are rated to -40C. They should not be used below -40c. Crosby does make a COLD-TUFF® Carbon Shackle that is rated for -50C. We currently do not stock the COLD-TUFF shackles.


Crosby Shackles are considered the standard of the industry, both nationally and internationally. This can be drawn from the fact that most contracts involving rigging products in the U.S. and around the world read "Crosby Only" or "Crosby or Equal."

Crosby products are manufactured with the highest design factors in the industry. Crosby products are better able to withstand abusive field conditions because of the improved impact and fatigue characteristics designed into each item.

Crosby recognizes the importance of four essential performance properties in its products: Working Load Limit, Ductility, Fatigue and Toughness. "When buying Crosby, you're buying more than product, you're buying Quality."

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