SWW-03 | Custom Wedge for Reese 16,000 lbs. 5th Wheels
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Custom Wedge | Reese 16,000 lbs. 5th Wheel Hitches


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The Reese Custom Wedges are designed to work with the Sidewinder and 5th Airborne Sidewinder. The SWW-03 is compatible with Reese 16,000 lbs. fifth wheel hitches.

Product Specs for Reese SWW-03

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Reese SWW-03 Details

The Reese Custom Wedges are designed to work with the Sidewinder and 5th Airborne Sidewinder.

This video demonstrates how to install a Reese® Revolution Wedge on a Reese® Titan® 16K. It also works with the Reese® Sidewinder™ and Reese® Airborne/Sidewinder™. How to install a Reese Titan Wedge


  • Replaces universal wedge that comes with Sidewinder and 5th Airborne Sidewinder
  • Wedge prevents pivot at fifth-wheel hitch jaws

Custom wedge is designed specifically for:

  • Draw-Tite and Reese Select Series hitches - Models 30046, 30049, 30047, 30051, 40119, 6021, 30033, 6022 and 30034

Customer Q&A - Reese SWW-03

Will this wedge work to connect a sidewinder to an older Reese 15,000 pound # 30032?

We spoke with Reese technical support and they advised that the universal wedge that comes with the sidewinder should work fine with the 30032. If you no longer have the universal wedge the SWW-03 would work in its place.


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Reese Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

On all Reese products. Some products have longer warranty coverage periods. This coverage is item by item and you should review the warranty information included.

What the warranty does not cover

Normal wear and tear over time, damage from abuse or neglect, corrosion, and damage resulting from accidents is not covered. Improper installation including welding will void any warranty. Any alteration of products beyond the included installation instructions will void the warranty.

You can view the full details of Reese warranty here.

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