KP-T-809 | SAF-Holland Mushroom Series Kingpin | 2 Inch
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Holland Mushroom Series Kingpin | 2 Inch | 3/8 inch Bolster Plate | Plug Weld Holes

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SAF-Holland 2 inch Mushroom Kingpin KP-T-809 features a .38 inch upper coupler thickness and is made from 8630H alloy steel for strength and durability. Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the Truck and Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Includes eight equally spaced .53 inch holes on 6.7 inch diameter for plug welding.

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Product Specs for SAF Holland KP-T-809

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SAF Holland KP-T-809 Details

SAF-Holland kingpins are made to deliver performance, strength and reliability to keep your equipment on the road. Every Holland fifth wheel kingpin meets or exceeds industry standards and must pass a Brinell Hardness Test, Magnetic Particle Test and Ultrasonic Tests prior to final SAF-Holland approval to ensure you get the best kingpin on the market.

Holland Fifth Wheel Kingpin - Features & Benefits:

  • SAE and TTMA performance requirements for optimum strength and fatigue resistance
  • Maximum wear resistance through proper alloy selection and controlled hardening process
  • High Impact resistance, heat treatment and alloy selection provide the best balance of hardness and impact resistance
  • Excellent welding characteristics for easy installation or replacement
  • Ultrasonic testing ensures the integrity of the kingpin below the surface
  • Magnetic particle testing insures surface cleanliness and a surface free of defects
  • Brinell Hardness testing verifies the hardness level to a required depth within a defined hardness range

Customer Q&A - SAF Holland KP-T-809

SAF Holland

SAF-HOLLAND specializes in coupling, lifting, and suspension systems for heavy duty  trucks, buses, tractors, and trailers. SAF-HOLLAND products are sold and serviced under the SAF and Holland brand names from over 4,600 distributor and OEM locations around the world.

SAF-HOLLAND USA has been in business for nearly 100 years and there products and history are tied to historical names such as Holland Hitch, Binkley, Neway and more recently, The Holland Group. Today as SAF-HOLLAND, they are an international company with products all over the world.


SAF Holland warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship. Warranty terms differ from item to item and it is important to review all documents before ordering or filing warranty claims.

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