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Holland Clamp mounted, swivel style pintle hook has 3,600 lbs. maximum vertical load capacity and 18,000 lbs. maximum gross trailer weight.

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Product Specs for SAF Holland PH-T-60-AOS-L-8

  • Pintle Hook Type:Standard
  • Max Vertical Load:3,600 lbs.
  • Max Gross Trailer Weight:18,000 lbs.
  • Mount Type:Swivel Mount Bolt On
  • Instructions:PH-T-60-AOS-L-8 Owners Manual.
  • MPN: PH-T-60-AOS-L-8
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SAF Holland PH-T-60-AOS-L-8 Details

A clamp mounted, swivel style pintle hook designed for over-the-road and off-road applications. Ideal for utility and construction applications.

The body is forged from special alloy steel that is heat treated for strength and durability. The special pintle shape is designed for maximum articulation and reduced wear.

  • 3,600 lbs. Maximum Vertical Load
  • 18,000 lbs. Maximum Gross Trailer Weight
  • The rear flange includes a grease fitting for easy lubrication
  • Latch is forged alloy steel and heat treated for strength and long life.
  • Mounting flanges allow for varying structural thicknesses up to .69 inches
  • For off-road applications, reduce the above maximum capacities by 25%. Not for use with a swivel-mount drawbar
  • Tested in accordance with SAE J847 (Type II)
Drawbar Eye Dimensions
2.38 inch to 3 inch I.D. with 1.25 inch to 1.63 inch diameter section.

Customer Q&A - SAF Holland PH-T-60-AOS-L-8

I see this uses a PIN rather than the typical pin/clamp that you see on hooks such as Is this product compatible with a pin such as the one featured above?

Holland pintle hook PH-T-60-AOS-L-8 bolts into place and is not designed to be removed with a pin. Once bolted on, it is typically left in place and not removed. We do carry a pintle hook similar to the Curt 48004, part 63043.

how do i install this?

Holland 9 ton pintle hook PH-T-60-AOS-L-8 is a bolt on pintle hook. If you do not have existing holes, we recommend having them professionally done. It is a 9 ton pintle hook and we recommend having it installed by a professional. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-358-4751.

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