Slik-Pak 5th Wheel Grease | 2 oz.

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Lubricates 5th wheel top plates. Simply place one Slik-Pak on each side of king pin on trailer or on each side of fifth wheel plate near the base. Slik-Pak will burst upon engagement between tractor and trailer. Packaging disintegrates leaving no waste.

Product Specs for Permatex 01010

  • Size:2 oz.
  • Note:Loctite part 1291112
  • MPN: 01010
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Permatex 01010 Details

Slik Pak 5th Wheel Grease - Overview

Designed by a trucker for a trucker. Sliik Pak 5th wheel grease, effectively and conveniently lubricates 5th wheel top plates of trailer. Premeasured grease comes in handy 2.0 oz. pouch, requires no tools, creates no mess.

Slik Pak 5th wheel grease has a graphite lubricant designed for heavy duty applications, and is effective at extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

Suggested Applications

  • All heavy duty fifth wheel top plates
  • Fifth wheel top plates on light and medium duty trucks
  • King pins
  • Fifth wheel slides
  • Axle slides
  • Trailer balls

Product Benefits

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • No tools required for use
  • Creates no mess
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting
  • Withstands extreme pressure
  • Corrosion protection

Directions for Use

  • For maximum lubrication, place one envelope on each side of the fifth wheel plate near the base. or
  • Place one envelope on each side of the king pin on trailer as previous lubrication will hold the envelope in place.
  • When the fifth wheel plate engages, the envelope ruptures to release the lubrication.
  • The grease filled envelope disintegrates as these plates rotate on each other.
  • There is no environmental waste.

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