Weight Distribution Hitch Bar | Reese | 1500 lbs.

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Weight Distributing hitch bars are designed for Trunnion or Round Bar weight distributing kits and offer a full range of style and adjustability. 1,500 lbs. tongue weight, 12-1/4 inch shank. Cast steel design.

Product Specs for Reese 54970

  • Trailer Tongue Weight:1,500 lbs
  • Tow Weight:1,000 lbs.
  • Max Gross Trailer Weight:15,000 lbs.
  • Shank Size:2 inches
  • Shank Bar Length:12-1/2 inches
  • Height:6-1/4 inches
  • Length:9-1/4 (10-1/4) inches
  • Rise:4-1/4 inches
  • Drop:6-1/4 inches
  • Manufacturers Part Number:54970
  • UPC: 016118549706
  • MPN: 54970
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Reese 54970 Details

Designed for loads beyond normal everyday towing situations, Reese Weight Distributing Hitch system provides a trunnion design with the highest rating available in the towing industry. Coupled with a 2 inch Class III/IV receiver, heavy loads are transported with ease. Ideal for commercial and industrial use.


  • Designed for use with all Trunnion and Round Bar Weight Distributing Kits
  • Perfect for use with horse trailers and RV's with heavy tongue weights
  • Adjustable hitch bar sold separately
  • Great for agricultural, marine and recreational use
  • 2 x 2 inch solid shanks
  • Black powder coat finish over A-Coat
  • Can be used in raised or dropped position.
  • For use with 2 inch trailer hitch receivers
  • Long hitch bars provide the extra length for bumper clearance
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Height (A): 6-1/4 inches
  • Length (B): 9-1/4 inches (front hole), 10-1/4 inches (rear hole)
  • Rise (C): 4-1/4 inches
  • Drop (D): 6-1/4 inches
  • Hole diameter: 3/4 inch

Customer Q&A - Reese 54970

Other than to give some small space from towing vehicle is there any purpose for the 2 holes which are used to connect to the vehicle itself?

The 2 holes on the Reese weight distribution shank part 54970 are used for different tongue weight capacities. The hole that is closest to the rear of the shank has a tongue weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs. The 2nd hole has a capacity rating of 1,500 lbs. So, if you have a trailer with a tongue weight of over 1,000 lbs. you will want to use the 2nd hole. If you tongue weight is under 1,000 lbs. you can use either hole.


Reese has been the name in towing and trailer hitches since 1952. With years of towing experience, the number one brand name in towing products continues to be Reese. Reese Towpower products undergo rigorous testing that exceeds industry standards and gives you peace of mind while towing. Their experience and dedication to safe and reliable products has made the Reese Towpower a name that is synonymous with quality towing products.

Reese Towpower has pioneered the technology that has set the standard for today's most advanced and reliable towing products. Reese is and has been the number one brand in our industry for decades. Their complete line of products covers applications for everything from weekend campers through heavy-duty agriculture users.

Reese Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

On all Reese products. Some products have longer warranty coverage periods. This coverage is item by item and you should review the warranty information included.

What the warranty does not cover

Normal wear and tear over time, damage from abuse or neglect, corrosion, and damage resulting from accidents is not covered. Improper installation including welding will void any warranty. Any alteration of products beyond the included installation instructions will void the warranty.

You can view the full details of Reese warranty here.

How to get service

For warranty claims on Reese products contact Cequent Performance Products by phone at 1-800-521-0510.

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