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Airogear AGA9781 air spring is a direct replacement for Firestone 9781 and Goodyear 1R12-603 reversible sleeve air springs. (Firestone part number: W01-358-9781, Firestone bellows: 1T15ZR-6.).

Product Specs for AiroGear AGA9781

  • Replaces:Firestone 9781
  • Extended Height:23.00
  • Compressed Height: 8.75
  • Top Plate Width:9.00
  • Piston Width:10.62
  • Firestone Part Number:W01-358-9781
  • Firestone Bellows Number:1T15ZR-6
  • Freightliner Number:681-320-0017, A16-14004-000 (aluminum) Freightliner Piston 16-13840-000 (plastic), Freightliner Piston 16-16773-000 (steel)
  • Manufactured In:United States
  • MPN: AGA9781
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AiroGear AGA9781 Details


The perfect choice for the value minded customer.

firestone coil rite
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA.
  • Fits original OEM applications.
  • Provides moderate protection against corrosion.
  • Perfect choice for the value minded customer.
Feature & Benefit Comparison Genuine Firestone AiroGear Off Shore Brands
Manufactured in USA X X  
Fits OEM Application X X X
2-Year/200K mile limited warranty X    
1-year/100K mile limited warranty   X  
Extensive product line coverage X    
Limited product line coverage   X X
Provides corrosion resistance of bead plate components X X X
Double layer corrosion resistance of bead plate components X    
Powder coated pistons (aluminum) for exceptional corrosion resistance X    
High strength polymer pistons X    

Customer Q&A - AiroGear AGA9781


AiroGear is a value line air spring that are manufactured according to Firestone high standards. They produce a reliable, quality air bag that meets the durability and performance requirements of the commercial truck and trailer operators that need a cost-effective solution.

AiroGear offers air springs for the most popular aftermarket applications in North America. They include a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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