Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers

Kill germs with instant hand sanitizers and help prevent the spread of colds, flu, etc. Hand sanitizers kill 99.99 percent of the most common germs and are perfect for schools, restrooms, offices, retail stores, etc.

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Moisten toilet paper with SureSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner to wipe toilet seats clean.   Details

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  • Dispenser Required:Spray
  • Stoko Brand:Stoko Spray
  • Stoko Size:300 ml.
  • Note:Individual 300ml refill pouch.
  • Manufacturers Part Number:PN55010712
  • UPC: 089223501075
  • MPN: PN55010712

Use Stoko Hand Sanitizer for Cold and Flu Prevention

Stoko Hand Sanitizers kill 99.99 percent of common germs that can cause disease.  Available in a spray, foam, gel or wipes, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Environmentally friendly, patented technology uses no fluorinated chemicals and are ideal for use in food processing/handling and clean room environments.

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