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How Much Does a Leveling Kit Cost?

All leveling kits do one thing: They raise the front of your vehicle so that it’s level with the back. There are different types of leveling kits, however, and depending on which one you buy, the cost will vary. The good thing about leveling kits versus their lift kit counterparts is that they tend to be less expensive and are relatively easier to install on your vehicle. There are three types of leveling kits: Coil spring spacers, torsion bar keys, and strut extensions.

Most heavy duty SUVs and trucks come with a certain amount of rake, or a difference in ride height in which the rear is lifted higher than the front of a vehicle. The purpose of this is to compensate for heavy weight that you add to the trunk or truck bed, preventing sag and ultimately preserving your suspension. It’s not necessary to keep it this way, however, and a leveling kit is a great way to bring the front level with the rear of your vehicle without affecting the ride or payload capacity. These kits will also prep your vehicle for larger tires thanks to the increased ground clearance.

The MAXXStak leveling kit from SuspensionMaxx

As with most auto parts, the more work and parts involved, the higher the cost. The average price of a leveling kit largely depends on what type of kit you’re purchasing, and the average falls between $200-$500 and, for certain kits, even less. For example: A kit that only comes with spacers will be much less expensive than a full kit that comes with spacers, shock extensions, and bump stop relocation brackets which averages at about $250.

The installation of a leveling kit by a garage falls into the same price range. You can expect to pay $300-500 on top of your kit cost in order to get it professionally installed, but it’s worth the price tag if you’re not experienced with this type of work. Also keep in mind that any change to your suspension or vehicle ride is going to need a professional alignment to make sure everything is lined up properly, averaging around $80-200.

A 2” leveling kit for coil springs on an F150

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