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Wurton Scout 5-Watt LED Cube Lights - Big light in a small package

Wurton Light Cube     

Want to add some additional light to your off road vehicle?  Then the new WurtonScout 5-watt LED Off-Road Cube Lights are what you need.  Engineered using the most advanced technology, they are unparalleled in quality and are designed for the demands of automotive, off-road and industrial markets.

Each Scout Cube Light comes with four 5-watt LED bulbs rated at 493 lumens per bulb. That adds up to a lot of light in a very small 3 inch square package and is available in three light patterns; flood, spot and diffused.

Wurton FloodWurton SpotWurton Diffused

Each light cube is IP68 rated for dust and moisture ingress protection and has a 50,000 hour LED bulb life expectancy. 

Available in single or two packs, they include an adjustable mounting bracket, stainless steel hardware and polycarbonate primary lens and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Wurton Single CubeWurton Double Cube

The Scout Cube Light requires 10-30 volts DC operation and draw 1.2 amps per light.


Here is a set installed on an Argo ATV. at Michigan Truck Spring in Saginaw, MI

wurton double cube

Before – replacing old halogen lights

wurton led off road light

On/Off switch and wiring installed

wurton light install

Completed job - Installed Wurton Scout 5-Watt LED Cube Lights


So light up the night with a set of Wurton Scout 5-Watt LED Cube Lights from

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