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Air Disc Brakes

Air Disc Brakes

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SKU 153.123642

Air disc rotor 153.123642 for Meritor air disc brake EX225. 17.100 inch outer diameter, 5.   Details

5 In Stock as of September 27, 2022 4:05 AM EST.
  • Application:Meritor
  • Brake Style:Air Disc
  • Disc OD:17.100 inches
  • Depth:5.650 inches
  • Bolt Circle Diameter:8.500 inches
  • Hole Diameter:5/8"-18
  • Bolt Holes10
  • Automann Number:153.123642
  • Bendix Number:E12591006
  • Con-Met Number:0080753, 10082181
  • Dayton Number:125600
  • Keene Number:KDR2002
  • Meritor Number:23123642002, M44D56642
  • Webb Number: 55060, 55060P, 55060F
  • UPC: 889626023293
  • MPN: 153.123642
SKU 125802

Air disc rotor 125802 is used in Bendix ADB22X/ADB225 air brake systems. 17.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Application:Hendrickson
  • Brake Shape:U shape
  • Brake Style:Air Disc
  • Disc OD:17.000 inches
  • Depth:5.906 inches
  • Pilot Diameter:8.125 inches
  • Bolt Circle Diameter:9.813 inches
  • Hole Diameter:5/8"-11
  • Bolt Holes10
  • Automann Number:153.125802
  • Bendix Number:802082, K038574
  • Freightliner Number:BW802082
  • Hendrickson Number:S32193
  • International Number:2516321C91
  • Kenworth Number:K038-574
  • Meritor Number:M44D76617
  • MPN: 125802
SKU 125804

Air disc rotor 125804 is used in Bendix ADB22X air brake systems. 16.   Details

2 In Stock as of September 27, 2022 4:05 AM EST.
  • Application:Mack, Volvo
  • Brake Shape:Flat Spline
  • Brake Style:Air Disc
  • Disc OD:16.929 inches
  • Depth:1.770 inches
  • Pilot Diameter:10.166 inches
  • Automann Number:153.1802569
  • Bendix Number:802083, 802569, K012741
  • Con-Met Number:10023879, 10025445
  • Dayton Number:125804
  • International Number:2642543C91
  • Keene Number:KDR2569
  • Mack Number:21538404
  • Meritor Number:M44D76692
  • Volvo Number:85129575
  • MPN: 125804
SKU 640-225-921-2

Caliper guide pin kit 640-225-921-2 for PAN 19 and 22. Replaces OEM number 6402259212.   Details

Typically ships in 3 to 4 business days.
  • Automann Number:100.A1438.10
  • Meritor Number:6402259212
  • MPN: 640-225-921-2
SKU 76801

Air disc rotor 76801 is used on Wabco PAN 22-1, TN axles. U shape, 16.93 inch outer diameter, 1.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Application:Hendrickson
  • Brake Shape:Hat Shape-Flat
  • Brake Style:Air Disc
  • Disc OD:16.930 inches
  • Thickness:1.770 inches
  • Depth:2.090 inches
  • Pilot Diameter:6.560 inches
  • Bolt Circle Diameter:7.860 inches
  • Hole Diameter:5/8"-18
  • Bolt Holes10
  • Automann Number:153.116195
  • Con-Met Number:10018609 (service kit), 10016195 (rotor part number), 10084199
  • Dayton Number:125701
  • Hendrickson Number:S-36661-1, S366611
  • Meritor Number:M44DH18609
  • Note:Includes ABS ring, screws, and nuts.
  • MPN: 76801
SKU 158.K081142

Air disc brake caliper 158.K081142 for Kenworth, Mack, IHC, Peterbilt and Volvo.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 27, 2022 4:05 AM EST.
  • Application:Kenworth
  • Application:Mack
  • Application:International
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Location:Right
  • Mounting Position:Axial A
  • Automann Number:158.K081142
  • Bendix Number:K081142, K109961X
  • Dayton Number:711-21N1XXXN
  • Meritor Number:MK081142X
  • UPC: 889626391415
  • MPN: 158.K081142
SKU 158.K081143

Air disc brake caliper 158.K081143 for Kenworth, Mack, IHC, Peterbilt and Volvo.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Application:Kenworth
  • Application:Mack
  • Application:International
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Location:Left
  • Mounting Position:Axial B
  • Automann Number:158.K081143
  • Bendix Number:K109962X, K081143, K081143R, K097851, K097851SC, K109962X, K147429
  • Dayton Number:711-21N2XXXN
  • Meritor Number:711-21N2M23, MK081143X
  • NuGeon Number:99B9033-1
  • UPC: 889626391422
  • MPN: 158.K081143
SKU PL1624.D

Type 1624 air disc brake chamber PL1624.D is a complete spring brake chamber. 2.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Stroke:2.50 inch
  • Air Port Threads:3/8-18 NPTF
  • Automann Number:179.SB1624DB
  • Bendix Number:K042457
  • Haldex Number:135162420, GC1624D
  • MGM Number:3419-TR1724LTH
  • TSE Number:1616HTLD2-3627, 1624TLD2
  • MPN: PL1624.D

Type 18 air disc brake service chamber. 2.500 inch stroke, 3/8 x 18 NPTF air port threads.   Details

4 In Stock as of September 27, 2022 4:05 AM EST.
  • Brake Chamber Type:18
  • Stroke:2.50 inches
  • Inlet Port:3/8-18 NPTF
  • Automann Number:179.SC18DB
  • Bendix Number:K028022, 5016023, 5015489, 5015490
  • TSE Number:18HSCND2-4026, 18SCLD2H
  • MPN: PLSC18.D
SKU S-35303-7

Air disc brake caliper S-35303-7 for Hendrickson MAXX22T. Fits left hand side.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Application:Hendrickson
  • Location:Left
  • Automann Number:158.197322TL
  • Dayton Number:S-35303-7
  • MPN: S-35303-7
SKU 125703

Air disc rotor 125703 is used on Wabco PAN 22, Hendrickson axles. 16.937 inch outer diameter, 1.   Details

3 In Stock as of September 27, 2022 4:05 AM EST.
  • Application:Hendrickson
  • Brake Style:Air Disc
  • Disc OD:16.937 inches
  • Thickness:1.770 inches
  • Depth:5.906 inches
  • Bolt Circle Diameter:9.843 inches
  • Hole Diameter:M16-20
  • Bolt Holes10
  • Automann Number:153.134172
  • Dayton Number:125703
  • Hendrickson Number:S-34172, S34172, D34172, D-34172
  • MPN: 125703
SKU 141.D1370SD

Automann severe duty air disc brake pad kit 141.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 27, 2022 4:05 AM EST.
  • Application:Meritor
  • FMSI No:D1370, 8480-D1370
  • Haldex Number:MPBD1370HD
  • Meritor Number:KIT2252L2CD, MMD1370AF
  • WVA Number:29189
  • Note:Includes air disc pad hardware kit-100.A1690.30
  • UPC: 889626305368
  • MPN: 141.D1370SD

Air Disc Brakes

Disc brakes have been around for over a century, but air disc brakes for heavy duty trucks and trailers have only started to become popular in recent years. This rise in popularity is mostly due to the new Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121 (FMVSS 121) which outlined requirements for reduced stopping distances on trucks and trailers. Air disc brakes have many advantages over traditional drum brakes, providing improved braking control and higher braking efficiencies although they do have the downside of a higher initial investment cost and increased maintenance costs.

As expected, an air disc brake setup has an entirely different appearance compared to a drum brake setup. It is not hard to tell the difference in the two designs as the components of air disc brakes are exposed with no brake drum to cover them. Air disc brake assemblies are more compact and far less complicated with no brake cams or external slack adjusters. A large vented disc sits at the middle of the air disc assembly with an air disc caliper wrapped around it. An air brake chamber is bolted directly to the caliper, with no exposed push rod the air disc caliper is directly actuated by the chamber and contains an internal adjustment mechanism instead of an external slack adjuster and brake cam.

Each component of the disc brake system is critical to the performance of the brake assembly and as soon as an issue is discovered the part should be replaced and the entire wheel end assembly checked.

Air Disc Brake Chambers

Convert air system pressure into mechanical movement. The air disc chamber may be a service type which only applies the service brakes, or it may be a spring brake which will apply service brakes and act as a parking brake. Air disc chambers have a short, rounded pushrod that is not threaded like a drum brake chamber. There is no clevis or slack adjuster, and instead, an air disc chamber acts directly on the air disc caliper. Air disc chambers are susceptible to the same issues as traditional drum brake chambers as the internal components are the same. This means that diaphragms or brake springs can fail and require replacement, sometimes leading to the replacement of the entire assembly.

Air disc calipers

are the most complicated part of an air disc brake system but most of its components are internal and not serviceable. The air disc caliper contains a lever and pivot point that provides increased application force through mechanical leverage. This is the same principle used on a drum brake system with the slack adjuster and the brake chamber pushrod. The air disc chamber applies force to the lever, and this pushes out a piston or two pistons that apply this amplified force to the brake pads. The air disc caliper contains a slack adjustment mechanism that turns the threaded pistons to compensate for pad wear and prevent delays in brake application. Some air disc brake systems will have a built-in wear indicator that will visually show the amount of pad wear with some even having options for electronic warnings to be triggered on the dash of the truck. External adjustment of the brake caliper is necessary after servicing the system and due to the sensitive nature of the adjustment meninism and the high cost of replacing the caliper the brake system manufacturer will use torque limiting device to prevent damage. This is generally in the form of a replaceable break-away adjuster that will shear if too much torque is applied.

Air disc rotors

have a large variety of designs to accommodate different hub and axle requirements. Along with the air disc pads, the rotor is a wear item that will need to be replaced over time. In ideal conditions, an air disc rotor should last multiple pad changes before it reaches its minimum thickness and needs to be replaced. During pad changes, the rotor is checked for runout or warping, which can occur from excess heat or quenching when a hot rotor is rapidly cooled by splashes of water. If the rotor is within the manufacturer spec it can continue to be used through several sets of pads.

Air disc pads

are the main wear item on the air disc brake system. The pads provide the friction necessary to convert the energy of motion into heat. Due to the comparably small size of air disc pads versus drum brake shoes the pressure and temperature that air disc pads are subjected to is very high. Air disc pads have an extended service life over that of a drum brake setup as the design of the calipers prevents the pads from dragging and speeds up brake release times.

Air disc brakes are quickly becoming the new standard. Current drum brakes are being pushed to the limit to meet the shorter stopping distance requirements that are being introduced by the government and air disc brakes are meeting these requirements with ease. Despite the increased stopping distance, air disc brakes have both advantages and disadvantages over drum brakes.

Advantages of air disc brakes

    Reduced stopping distances – The modern design of air disc brakes offer shorter stopping distances and greater brake control. Brake fade is less of an issue because as the rotor is heated, it expands and is closer to the pads. On a drum brake, the drum expands away from the brake shoes increasing the distance the shoes need to travel to apply. The lower mass of an air disc rotor allows it to shed heat easier than a drum.
    Extended service intervals – Air disc systems are designed to go more miles between service than drum brake systems. In long haul situations, rotors are designed to last 750,000 – 1,000,000 miles and pads will last up to 500,000 miles.
    Simple design – Fewer components are involved with a disc brake system, this lowers the weight of the wheel end and simplifies service and inspections of the brake system.
    Less downtime - According to Bendix, a technician can perform four wheels of disc pad changes in the time it would take to change one set of drum brake shoes. The design of air disc brake assemblies allows pad changes from the outside of the caliper without removal of the caliper itself. After the pads are removed the caliper tappets and carrier can be checked for excess movement as well as the rotor checked for thickness and runout. If everything is within spec new pads can be installed, and you are on to the next wheel.

Disadvantages of air disc brakes

    Higher initial cost – Outfitting a truck or trailer with air disc brakes will generally be 30% - 40% more expensive than drum brakes. This cost can add up on an 8-axle trailer!
    Greater heat generation – Due to the smaller friction area of the pads and rotor the heat generation is much higher on a disc brake. These assemblies are designed with this heat in mind, but greater attention should be paid to the wheel end assembly as the wheel seals and bearings will also be subjected to this greater heat.
    Lack of universality- Each air disc brake system has parts that are specific to its setup, calipers, pads, and rotors are not interchangeable and with a lower percentage of current vehicles running air disc brakes service parts may be harder to find.

As time goes on air disc brakes will become more common and eventually they will become the standard for heavy-duty brakes. Increasingly, new trucks and trailers are being built with air disc and as more hit the road the demand for replacement parts will increase. At TruckSpring.com we carry replacement pads, rotors, chambers, and calipers for the most common systems currently in use. We also have the knowledge to help you identify and order the correct replacement air disc components. If you need help finding parts for your air disc setup give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or email us at Truckspring@truckspring.com, and we will be glad to help find replacement parts you need to get your truck back on the road.

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