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Hood Cables & Straps

Hood Cables & Straps

OEM quality replacement hood cables and straps for Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Freightliner, International, and Western Star semi-trucks. Replace broken or worn hood cables, and get your truck back on the road.

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  1. 625mm
  2. 6.500 inches
  3. 11.000 inches
  4. 17.250 inches
  5. 18.500 inches
  6. 18.800 inches
  1. 21.000 inches
  2. 21.600 inches
  3. 23.000 inches
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  5. 24.250 inches
  6. 27.250 inches
  1. 27.870 inches
  2. 28.250 inches
  3. 28.500 inches
  4. 29.000 inches
  5. 30.120 inches
  6. 31.000 inches
  1. 31.500 inches
  2. 33.000 inches
  3. 34.470 inches
  4. 36.000 inches
  5. 36.375 inches
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  6. 50.190 inches
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  2. 57.000 inches
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  2. 0.125 inch
  1. 0.130 inch
  2. 0.135 inch
  1. 1.000 inch
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OEM replacement hood cable HLK2200 for International trucks. 6.5 inches overall length, 0.   Details

4 In Stock
  • Application:International
  • Length:6.500 inches
  • Diameter:0.125 inch
  • International Number:2023042C1, 2023042C2, 3A470702, EE0200421
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2200
  • MPN: HLK2200

OEM replacement hood cable for Western Star trucks. 47.0 inches long, 0.100 inch cable diameter.   Details

4 In Stock
  • Application:Western Star
  • Length:47.000 inches
  • Diameter:0.100 inch
  • Freightliner Number:A1719013000, A17-19013-000
  • Western Star Number:671263433
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2044
  • MPN: HLK2044

OEM replacement hood cable for Peterbilt trucks. 23.0 inches long, 0.100 inch cable diameter.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Length:23.000 inches
  • Diameter:0.100 inch
  • Peterbilt Number:L9620000580, L92-6000-0580
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2064
  • MPN: HLK2064

OEM replacement hood cable for Mack trucks. 27.87 inches long.   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:Mack
  • Length:27.870 inches
  • Mack Number:27RC245P2, 25171709
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2026
  • MPN: HLK2026

OEM replacement hood cable for Peterbilt Model 330 trucks. 36.0 inch total cable length, 0.   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Length:36.000 inches
  • Diameter:0.135 inch
  • Peterbilt Number:1304503040, 13-04503-040
  • Note:Spring not included. Item is a replacement hood cable only.
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2035
  • MPN: HLK2035

OEM replacement hood cable for Mack Vision trucks. 31.5 inch total cable length, 4.   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:Mack Vision
  • Length:31.500 inches
  • Mack Number:25163167, 27RC256M3
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2045
  • MPN: HLK2045

OEM replacement hood cable for Freightliner FLD models with stop assist. 17.250 inches long.   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:Freightliner
  • Length:17.250 inches
  • Freightliner Number:A1712082002, A17-12082-002
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2056
  • MPN: HLK2056

OEM replacement hood cable for Kenworth trucks. 57.0 inches long, 0.120 inch cable diameter.   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:Kenworth
  • Length:57.000 inches
  • Diameter:0.120 inch
  • Kenworth Number:K06846053, K068-4605-3
  • MPN: HLK2065

OEM replacement hood cable for Kenworth trucks T600 models. 55.0 inches long, 0.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Application:Kenworth
  • Length:55.000 inches
  • Diameter:0.130 inch
  • Kenworth Number:K06857691, K068-57691
  • MPN: HLK2169

OEM replacement hood cable for Peterbilt trucks. 50.19 inches long center-to-center, 0.   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Length:50.190 inches
  • Diameter:0.125 inch
  • Peterbilt Number:L9260171275, L92-6017-1275
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2195
  • MPN: HLK2195

OEM replacement hood cable for International 7600 and 7700 series trucks.   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:International
  • Length:21.000 inches
  • International Number:3568422C91, 3568422C92
  • Note:.95 inch between bracket mounting holes
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2057
  • MPN: HLK2057

OEM replacement hood cable for International 7300, 7400, 7500 series and CXT trucks. 18.   Details

3 In Stock
  • Application:International
  • Length:18.500 inches
  • International Number:3568420C91, 3568420C92
  • Note:.95 inch between bracket mounting holes
  • Manufacturers Part Number:HLK2059
  • MPN: HLK2059

What are Hood Cables?

Hood cables and straps are used to limit the range of motion of the hood when it is opened. Hood cables protect the hood from opening into other parts of the body or overextending the hinges and causing damage. When all components of the hood assembly are working as intended it is easy for one person to open and close the hood without damage or great exertion. This is important for pre-trip inspections and the general wellbeing of the truck. If the hood can easily be opened and the fluids checked, the chances of mechanical damage to the truck due to low oil or coolant is reduced. If opening the hood has become a chore the chances of a driver or even you, opening the hood are much lower and the chances of something preventable going wrong are higher.

Identifying and Replacing Hood Cables

Some hood cables will run through a large hood spring to help slow the opening of the hood and preserve the cables and mounting tabs. Other cables may have the spring assembly built onto one end. The best option for replacing a hood cable is to purchase a replacement using an OEM part number. Due to the various lengths and attachment methods at the ends the options can be overwhelming. Hood cables and straps can be matched up by length, but you will need a known good cable to measure and not the broken one you are trying to replace. Over the life of a cable they can stretch up to an inch over their entire length and when they break it is hard to tell how long they originally were.

  • Length - Measured center to center on cables with eyelets on both ends. If the cable uses attachment methods other than eyelets this may be the total length of the cable alone. Most cables that we carry will have an illustration of where the length was measured from.
  • Eyelet Diameters- The inner diameter of the eyelets will be listed to allow you to confirm that the cable eyelets will fit over the mounting locations on your truck.
  • Clevis mounts – Clevis mounts include the length of the clevis and the diameter of the mounting hole.
  • Special mounts – Some hood cables may include a bracket that directly replaces an existing bracket that holds the cable. The center to center measurement on the mounting holes will be listed for comparison. Hood cables that include brackets will typically have the spring included as part of a complete assembly.

Replacing hood cables can make opening and closing the hood less of a chore and reduce the likelihood of damage from the hood hitting the body or from neglecting to check the oil. If you are unable to find the cable assembly that you are looking for and you need help, please reach out to us at TruckSpring.com or call us a 1-800-358-4751. We will be glad to help you find the parts that you need.

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