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Leaf spring bolts for all types of cars and trucks. We stock OEM high quality replacement leaf spring bolts. Feel free to contact us at 800-358-4751 if you need assistance location the correct suspension parts for your vehicle.

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What are leaf spring bolts?

Spring bolts are the hardware used to attach a leaf spring to a spring hanger or a spring shackle. A spring bolt is a hardened hex head bolt and will typically be used when a rubber bushing is installed in the spring, and there is no need for the connection to be greaseable. Spring bolts will normally last the lifetime of the spring but when it comes time to change the spring you may find that the bolts are seized inside the bushing sleeves, or the springs may have been installed before other vehicle components and they will need to be cut out to be removed. When replacing spring bolts, it is important to order the correct size to make the installation go smoothly.

Installed Spring Bolt

How to remove leaf spring bolts

Removing leaf spring bolts is normally a simple process but if you live in the northern states where your vehicle had been exposed to snow, ice, and a lot of salt you may be in for quite a challenge. When the bolts are seized in the bushing they can be difficult to free up as the rubber in the bushing will absorb the shock of impact tools and hammer blows. When the bolts become seized in place due to rust, it will normally be necessary to cut the bolts out using a reciprocating saw or a torch. When using a saw, a high-quality blade will be required due to the hardness of the bolts. If using a torch be very aware of the area around the springs, the fuel tank is in the same are you will be working in and cutting into the fuel tank may be the last thing you do.

Leaf Spring bolt sizes

Spring bolts will be sized to match the inner diameter of the bushing in the spring and the diameter of the mounting points in the hangers. Identifying spring bolts for replacement is as easy as identifying bolts for other purposes. Determine whether the bolt is metric or standard, the diameter, and the length. A locking nut should be used on the end to secure the bolt and keep it from loosening when the vehicle is in operation.

Leaf Spring Bolt Size

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