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Type 1624 air disc brake chamber PL1624.D is a complete spring brake chamber. 2.50 inch stroke, 3/8 inch x 18 NPTF ports. Replaces Bendex K042457, Haldex 135162420, GC1624D, Automann 179.SB1624DB, MGM 3419-TR1724LTH and TSE 1616HTLD2-3627 and 1624TLD2.

Product Specs for Proline HD PL1624.D

  • Stroke:2.50 inch
  • Air Port Threads:3/8-18 NPTF
  • Automann Number:179.SB1624DB
  • Bendix Number:K042457
  • Haldex Number:135162420, GC1624D
  • MGM Number:3419-TR1724LTH
  • TSE Number:1616HTLD2-3627, 1624TLD2
  • MPN: PL1624.D
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Proline HD PL1624.D Details

Customer Q&A - Proline HD PL1624.D

i am having trouble trying to figure out what kind of air disk brake chamber i have or need? i have the information if you could be of any help.... 15.0" x 8.63" air brk/mgm TR2430 cmbr

he TR2430 MGM part number you provided does not match a part number for an Air Disc brake chamber. The TR2430 is shown by MGM as a Cam brake chamber. Look for a stamping or tags on your current chamber as with air disc this is the easiest way to identify the correct replacement.

Proline HD

Proline HD history goes back over 30 years. They started as a premium engineering company, designing and manufacturing critical parts for NASA to critical braking component parts for Spring Brakes. They have engineered and manufactured in-house, virtually every metal component found in a spring-brake. Over the years they worked vigorously to perfect thier manufacturing techniques. Proline HD's quality is derived from the basic fundamentals of knowing how to design and manufacture each and every component part within an “air spring brake”. As well as understand, how each component piece functions with all the other components within the unit. If you’re making all the pieces, it gives you a distinct edge over the competition.

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