Electric Trailer Brake | 5,200-7,000 lbs. 12 x 2 Inch | Left Side


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Electric trailer brake BRK-EB12LH for 5,200 to 7,000 lbs. axles, 12 x 2.00 inch drum. Fits left side, 14-1/2", 15" and 16" wheels. Similar to 4704-L, B12E-21, 23-105, AKEBRK-6L. Manual adjust.

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Product Specs for UCF BRK-EB12LH

  • Brake Style:Electric
  • Drum Size:12 x 2 inches
  • Brake Fit:Left
  • Capacity:5,200-7,000 lbs.
  • Bolt Hole Pattern:5
  • Wheel Size:14-1/2, 15, 16 inches
  • Self Adjusting:No
  • Redneck Number:23-105
  • Quality Number:4704-L
  • Note:Requires electric brake controller (sold separately)
    Periodic manual adjustment required
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UCF BRK-EB12LH Details

Electric brakes are easier to install and offer more user control than hydraulic brakes. Only requires an electric brake controller.


  • Configuration: left hand (driver's side)
  • Dimensions: 12" diameter x 2" wide
  • Mounting flange bolt pattern: 5 bolt
  • Wheel size: 14-1/2", 15" and 16"
  • Axle rating: 5,200 to 7,000 lbs.

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