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Extreme Cam Brake Camshaft | 11 inch | Left Hand

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Brake Camshaft for multiple applications, trailer axle, 28 Spline, 11.0313 inch length, 1-1/16 inch head, 2 inch spider diameter, 1.5 inch continuous journal diameter, left hand rotation.

Product Specs for Extreme Manufacturing C1211A-L

  • Axle Type:Trailer
  • Length:11.0313 inch
  • Head Size:1-1/16 inch
  • Spider Diameter:2 inch
  • Spline Teeth:28
  • Journal:1.5 inch Continuous
  • Cross References:E-11864, E-10899, E-11866
  • Bushing Cross References:E-11450, E-11450HD, E-11450HD-2
  • Rotation:Left Hand
  • MPN: C1211A-L
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Extreme Manufacturing C1211A-L Details

Extreme Cam Heavy Duty S-Cam Bushing System Specifications

  • Application: Trailer CAMs (Rockwell, Fruehauf, Hendrickson, and most others)
  • Size: 9" - 30" (snap ring to head dimension)
  • CAM Heads Supported: Type 1, 2, 11 (Q+)
  • Spline Teeth: 28 spline only (all 10 and 37 spline will be supplied as 28 spline)
  • CAM Diameter: 1.5" continuous
  • Opening on Spider: 1-7/8", 2" (2-1/8" Hendrickson)

Install a Higher Quality S-Cam System

Extreme Cams install on most common trailer axles and replace the S-Cam, Spider Bushing and Inboard Bushing assembly. Initial conversion to the Extreme Cam bushing system requires the S-Cam, Bushing, Cam tube enclosure, brackets spacers and retaining rings.

Watch the instructional video to learn to install the Extreme Cam Bushing System.

Increase the Bushing Life of your S-Cams

Extreme Cams are the ultimate choice in brake camshaft options. With their unique long journal bearing these rugged camshafts have a longer life and are more resistant to wear and tear. The long journal bearing distributes its load over the entire shaft, rather than focusing it on a single point along the shaft. These long bearings have ten times the surface area of a normal bearing. By increasing the working surface area the long bearing causes these cams to take less vibration and greatly reduces the amount of torsion between the cam and bearing.

Stop safely with the Extreme Cam S-Cam Bushing System

The shafts of the Extreme Cam feature a fully machined surface giving it a smoother and more controlled rotation. The camshaft is sealed within the Extreme Cam tube which includes a grease zerk fitting and relief valve. This allows the entire tube to be filled with grease that completely covers the camshaft, effectively converting the whole shaft into a sealed, greased journal bearing. With this significantly increased bearing surface the Extreme Cam reduces wear and extends the time between bushing replacement.

Improve the Performance of your Brakes

When your S-Cam bushings become worn, the performance of your brakes can suffer. Worn bushings can lead to uneven and premature brake wear. These symptoms can cause your brakes to lose stopping power and even fail prematurely. By maintaining proper brake performance Extreme Cams can extend the life of your S-Cam, provide you with a safer drive and can save you cost of replacing brake parts prematurely.

Protect your S-Cams from Damage

Your S-Cams are vulnerable to damage from the road and corrosion from the elements. By encasing the camshaft in the protective cam tube it stays safe from the rigors of the road. The grease zerk fitting allows you to fill the tube without the mess and the grease channels and relief valve prevents overcharging and hydro-locking. The S-Cam of the Extreme Cam bushing system can endure even the most extreme road conditions.

Simplified Measuring & Stock Reduction

Extreme Cam's universal design reduces the number of unique S-Cam and bushing kit numbers from literally hundreds of part numbers and combinations, fleets and part managers can reduce inventories and save time and money determining S-Cam and Bushing Kit replacements.

Customer Q&A - Extreme Manufacturing C1211A-L

Extreme Manufacturing

Extreme Manufacturing manufactures and distributes premium parts for the heavy truck industry since 1996. They manufacture a variety of heavy duty truck brake and wheel parts such as the Extreme Cam.

The Extreme Cam is a unique fully enclosed s-cam bushing system that is engineered to extend the life of your brakes. You can convert any trailer to the Extreme Cam s-cam bushing system. The Extreme Cam is available in s-cam lengths from 11” to 30” and spider diameters of 1 7/8”, 2”, 2-1/8” or 2-3/16?, standard oversized, and special order dimensions.

Extreme Manufacturing products are known for their extreme quality and durability. They offer superior quality American made products that substantially decrease life-cycle maintenance costs while ensuring their safety. They are confident that the Extreme Cam product is superior to any other Cam Bushing System available, and we invite you to discover this for yourself.

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