Connect Double Convoluted Air Springs and Suspension Air Bags
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Double Convoluted Air Springs

Double Convoluted Air Bags for Heavy Duty Trucks.

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SKU 197795-DC

Connect 197795-DC air bag is a direct replacement for Firestone 7795 and Goodyear 2B10-226 air bags.   Details

5 In Stock as of July 26, 2021 7:15 AM EST.
  • Firestone Part Number:W01-358-7795
  • Firestone Bellows Number:20F
  • Goodyear Part Number:2B10-226
  • Goodyear Bellows Number:578923250
  • Hendrickson Auxiliary Number:(Paralift, Paralift Ultra); 003317 (metric version)
  • Hendrickson Trailer Number:S14486 (lift bag)
  • Triangle Part Number:4524
  • Triangle Bellows Number:6395
  • MPN: 197795-DC
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SKU DC197400

Connect DC197400 air spring is a direct replacement for Firestone 7400 and Goodyear 2B12-309 air spr...   Details

1 In Stock as of July 26, 2021 7:15 AM EST.
  • Extended Height:11.1 inch
  • Compressed Height: 4.2 inch
  • Firestone Part Number:W01-358-7400
  • Freightliner Number:16-10796-000
  • Granning Number:2726
  • Hendrickson Trailer Number:S1013
  • Holland (Neway) Number:90557016
  • Ridewell Number:1003587400C
  • Triangle Part Number:4313
  • Watson & Chalin #:AS-0003
  • MPN: DC197400

There are two types of airbags used in vehicle suspension, convoluted and reversible sleeve. Both types operate on the same principle, by confining gas within the air bag. When the air bag is compressed, it produces reaction force against the compression. This protects the vehicle from vibration isolation as well as other user-friendly advantages.

Convoluted air bags differ from reversible sleeve air bags in that this style does not feature a piston and has convolutions in the bellows component.

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