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OEM Air Compressors

OEM Air Compressors

Do you have factory air suspension on your car, truck or SUV and the air compressor is burned out or failed? Why pay high dealer prices when you can purchase a high quality OEM replacement air compressor that is designed specifically for your vehicle. Our OEM replacement air compressors are already assembled and ready to bolt into place.

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OEM Air Compressors

Do you have an air bag or strut on your truck, SUV or car that does not work because your air compressor failed? Do you have dealer sticker shock from the cost of a replacement air compressor form the dealer? At Michigan Truck Spring we offer direct OEM replacement air compressors for vehicles such as the Chevy Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, Land Rover and more. We offer replacement air compressors that will bolt into place just as the compressor would from the dealer. All the replacement air compressors we sell are back by a warranty and are guaranteed to perform as good, and many times better, than the replacements you can get from your local dealer.

Air compressors are at the heart of every air suspension system, and the air pressure that they provide will literally carry your vehicle down the road. Air compressor failure is one of the most common issues that can plague air suspensions as the air compressor is the hardest worked part of the system. If your air system is aging and has air leaks, the compressor is most likely being over-worked.

What is an air compressor?

A basic air compressor is an electric motor joined to an air pump. The most common type of air pump contains a piston which compresses air on every upward stroke, this is very similar to how your engine compresses air and fuel. Most vehicles with air suspension will have a basic air compressor but some manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Maybach use a more complicated air suspension system and the compressor may also contain a dryer, valve block, and pressure regulator as part of a complete assembly.

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Why do air compressors fail?

  • Heat - Air leaks are the main cause of compressor failure. Since most passenger vehicles do not have an air tank, the compressor is used in an “on-demand” fashion where the compressor runs when one or more components need the pressure increased. This type of setup is easier on the compressor than systems with a tank but when one of the components develops a leak the compressor will run more often than it was designed to and if the leak is bad enough it may run constantly. This can overheat the compressor and cause damage that will prevent it from building pressure. Heat is the main factor that can damage an air compressor. Moisture is the second most damaging thing for an air compressor.
  • Moisture - Moisture in the air system causes the cylinder wall of the compressor to rust and if there is enough moisture and you are in a cold climate it can cause freeze-up in air lines or inside the compressor. As water freezes, it expands and this may break open air lines, fittings, or even split the compressor open.
  • Time – The air compressor will run when a suspension change is needed based on height sensors and the suspension control system. Over time the air compressor is expected to wear out from use and necessitate replacement. Having air leaks will greatly accelerate the compressor wear and cause it to fail much sooner than expected.

Will an Arnott compressor fit in the same location as a factory part?

Arnott has partnered with the OES (Original Equipment Supplier) for many vehicle manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, and GMC to provide a replacement compressor with components produced by the same company as the original but with Arnott’s improvements where necessary. For this reason, some compressors made by Arnott will look different than the original, but they will fit in the same location and connect with the same mounting and air lines.

How can I tell that my air compressor needs replacement?

A failing compressor will present some signs to warn you that it is failing. If you know what to look and listen for you may be able to fit a replacement before a complete failure takes your vehicle off the road.

  • Noise - Since an air compressor contains a rotating motor and a reciprocating piston that move at high speeds there is a great deal of attention paid to balancing the assembly. As the compressor starts to wear there may be a change in the tone of the compressor and the more worn out it gets the louder it may get. The noise will present itself as a low buzz.
  • Vibration – As the balance in the compressor is thrown off and as it starts to make noise it will also start to transfer more vibration to the vehicle. Most compressors will have rubber vibration dampeners to prevent as much noise and vibration as possible but as a compressor wears it will overcome these dampeners and you will begin to feel the compressor when it is running.
  • Run times – As a compressor wears it may not be able to build up pressure as quickly as it did when it was new. The compressor will need to run longer to add pressure to the suspension components and this will generate more heat within the compressor. A compressor with longer run times can accelerate its own failure as it must run longer and hotter in a cycle that will result in complete failure.

What makes Arnott compressors better?

Arnott sources many of its air compressor components from the original equipment suppliers that the vehicle manufacturer used but they will include upgrades that they deem necessary in testing. By using well build foundation components and adding redesigned wiring harnesses, mounting brackets, and thermal protection Arnott puts their compressors above what the OEM used. Arnott will also back their compressors up with a Limited Lifetime warranty so you will have little to worry about down the road.

At TruckSpring.com we have experience in air suspensions on everything from Lincoln cars to Peterbilt trucks. If you need help finding a replacement compressor or have questions about them, please reach out to us at TruckSpring.com or call us at 1-800-358-4751 and we will be glad to help.

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