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Air to Coil Conversion Kits

Air to Coil Conversion Kits

Convert your rear factory air suspension to a coil spring suspension with an air spring to coil spring conversion kit. Are you having problems with your rear factory air suspension? Leaking air bags, failed air compressor or airline leaks? Now you can replace your factory air bags with coil springs with one complete suspension kit.

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Air to coil conversion

If you have ever seen a Lincoln bouncing down the road with the rear end sagging, then you have seen a vehicle that needs air suspension intervention. Many vehicles including Lincoln, GMC, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover will use self-leveling air suspensions to improve the ride quality and increase the vehicle’s performance. Air suspension allows for height control that can be adjusted for the terrain or used to level the vehicle for changing passenger and cargo loads. The issue with factory air ride suspensions is that they are far more complicated than traditional spring suspensions and they are much more expensive to maintain. Many customers will eventually choose to convert their air ride vehicle to a traditional spring suspension to avoid the cost and hassle associated with maintaining an aging air ride system. Arnott make converting easier by providing kits that contain the necessary components to convert from air suspension to coil springs, they will even provide bypass modules for vehicles that have dashboard warnings for the suspension system. By converting to a traditional coil spring setup, you can keep your vehicle on the road and vastly improve the reliability and safety.

Coil Spring Installation

As cars and SUVs with a factory air suspension get older, the air springs and components can become a nuisance to maintain. Air to coil spring conversion kits eliminate these issues and provide a very cost effective solution to your suspension problems.

Does the factory air suspension in your car not work? Do you only have an inch of clearance between your rear tires and the wheel well? Does your car bottom out on the smallest of bumps? Do you have a blown factory air bag and your car or SUV leans to one side? After you install an air to coil suspension kit you will get your factory ride height back and have a comfortable, safe riding vehicle, all while eliminating the possibility of future air suspension problems. The kits are easy to install and restore the car's ride and height to factory level.

Air spring to coil spring conversion kits replace your factory air bags with variable rate coil springs. If you are ready to be done worrying about leaking air bags, a sagging car, failing air compressors, than a conversion kit is for you. Air suspension to coil spring caconversion kits are available for a variety of vehicles, including everything from Lincoln town cars, Continentals, Audi A6’s, Chevy and GMC SUV’s and more.

What are the benefits of converting to coil springs?

Converting from air bags to coil springs can alleviate problems associated with air leaks, height sensors, and compressor failures. It is common to see an older Lincoln or Mercedes with the rear end sagging minutes after it was parked due to air leaks or they may never rise from bottomed out due to a failed compressor.

  • Cost – Converting to coil springs can be a more cost-effective option compared to repairing or replacing the air system.
  • Convenience – Replacing with coil springs simplifies the suspension and removes failure points. Arnott has put in the work to ensure that their coil to air conversion kits are easy to install and fit correctly.
  • Reliability – Coil springs are extremely resilient and can be counted on for the life of the vehicle.
What are the downsides of converting from air to coil springs?

Adjustability – The main downside to converting to coil springs is that you will lose the ability to adjust the suspension or the self-adjustment features will no longer work. This means that load leveling, or off- road height adjustments will no longer happen.

Will I have suspension warnings on the dash?

Vehicles that can self-monitor the suspension status will have bypass modules included in the kit. Some vehicles may not need the module to prevent dash warnings

Can I install a conversion kit myself?

Self-installing coil spring conversion kits will depend on your level of mechanical inclination. All kits include a full installation document than can be downloaded online before purchase and many also have videos available that run through the entire installation. If you are considering self-install it is recommended to read the instructions fully and watch any videos on the kit that Arnott has produced and decide if the installation is something you are comfortable taking on.

Will my ride quality change if I convert to coil springs?

Arnott takes the time to closely match spring rate and shock dampening as closely as they can to the original air suspension. There may be some difference noticed when changing to coils as there is no way to fully mimic the ride that you will have with air, but Arnott does their best to keep your Cadillac riding as smooth as possible with a lot less suspension trouble.

Converting your vehicle’s air system to coil springs can help simplify the suspension and take away the headaches that come from a failing air system. At TruckSpring.com we have been selling and installing air suspension and spring suspension parts for years, so we have the experience to offer the best solutions and advice. If you need help finding a conversion kit or have questions about converting from air to coils, please give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or reach out to us at TruckSpring.com

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