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3 Inch Leveling Kits

3 Inch Leveling Kits

A 3 inch leveling kit will improve factory rake and help prepare your vehicle for larger tires. Start browsing kits by selecting the make of your vehicle below.

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Is the front of your vehicle a little lower than the rear? Auto manufacturers often create this imbalance, called rake, in order to prepare heavy duty trucks and SUVs for towing heavy loads, the idea being that once extra weight is added, the vehicle will be prepared to compensate and won’t sag. While it’s a practical solution, a 3 inch leveling kit can even out your vehicle’s rake as well as prepare it for larger tires by giving it a little extra height. You’ll see a major improvement in the evenness of your vehicle’s body, and you’ll also get a slight boost to the height. Our kits come with everything you need to get started and are made by some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Have a question for us? Give us a call at 800-358-4751.

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