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Rough Country Control Arms

Rough Country Control Arms

If you’ve added a suspension kit to your vehicle or larger tires, or you simply suspect that it’s time for a replacement, it’s time to check out Rough Country control arms. These control arms are sturdier than the factory ones and can reduce the stress on your suspension that often occurs when you make upgrades to your vehicle’s ground clearance. Start by selecting the make of your vehicle.

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Adding a lift or leveling kit can sometimes alter the way your vehicle handles and put stress on your suspension – but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the increased ground clearance and off road capability that these kits have to offer. With better bushings, more rugged metalwork, and in many cases, adjustable compression for the bushing, Rough Country control arms are designed to help reduce the stress from lifting your vehicle. Matched to your factory mount points, these upgraded control arms easily attach your wheel hub and steering knuckle assembly to your vehicle’s frame thanks to Rough Country’s careful attention to detail. We carry their popular upper control arms as well as control arm bushings. To start browsing, select the make of your vehicle above to find products that are tailor made for what your vehicle needs. Got a question about products or installation? Give us a call at 800-358-4751.

When Should I Replace my Control Arms?

In addition to changes to your suspension and the addition of larger tires, there are other events that may require you to replace your control arms. Some common causes that can lead to control arm failure are front-end accidents, a worn down ball joint that presses into the control arm, or worn bushings that are attached to your control arm. You can check on your control arm by simply jacking up the wheel in question and looking to see if there is side to side movement in the wheel hub away from the frame when you adjust the hub by hand.

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