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Lifted Leaf Springs

Lifted Leaf Springs

Replace your old leaf springs and give your truck’s suspension a few inches of lift. These leaf springs employ thicker steel than standard springs, giving you a more comfortable ride.

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Give Your Truck a Lift with Lifted Leaf Springs

Lift your truck with a Lifted Leaf Spring kit.

Do you want to raise the ride height of your vehicle, but don’t want to sacrifice on comfort? Lifted leaf springs can lift your vehicle while still providing a smooth ride.

Each of these lifted leaf springs is tapered, snub rolled and pre-set to perfection, giving you the most comfortable ride possible. These positive arch leaf springs employ Teflon inserts to balance ride characteristics and reduce or eliminate squeaking. For applications needing extra strength, Tuff Country offers heavy duty versions of these leaf springs.

These lifted leaf springs feature thicker leaves. Because these leaf springs use thicker steel per leaf than your standard leaf spring, they require less leaves to provide the same spring rate. The benefit of this is a smoother and more comfortable ride than one experienced with lesser leaf springs.

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