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OEM Air Suspension

OEM Air Suspension

Are your air bags that came from the factory not working like they used to? Does your car or truck lean to one side because of a failed OEM air suspension? You now have more options than just going to the dealer and paying big bucks for replacement OEM air suspension parts.

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Factory Installed OEM Air Suspension Parts - Unfortunately, They Fail

Learn about Arnott Air Suspension and the company's high-quality, affordable, air suspension products. Arnott Air Suspension

Worn out OEM Suspension Air Bag?

OEM air suspension parts that came from the factory are just like any other part on your car or truck, they wear out. Did a rock hit your air bag or is it rotted out from old age and neglect? Does your Lincoln town car lean to one side because your air bag is leaking and will no longer hold air? Did you make a trip to your local dealer and were shocked at the replacement factory air suspension part prices?

Factory air springs will typically last 70,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the environmental and driving conditions. With age, the rubber in you air bags will dry out and cracks may appear around the bottom air bag piston. If you have a small leak it can have a domino effect on your air suspension. A leak in our factory air bags will force your air compressor to work much harder and longer than it was designed to and eventually wear out.

OEM air suspension is a convenient feature that can increase the ride quality and the usefulness of your vehicle. Air suspension can give your vehicle the ability to automatically level for changing loads and allow adjustment to ride height for road conditions and fuel economy. For all the added usefulness there is an added cost in maintenance as air suspensions are much more complicated than simple spring suspensions. Thankfully, Arnott is producing high quality and more cost-effective replacement options than the dealer with better availability.

  • Air Compressors – Air compressors supply the air pressure that the air suspension system uses to support the vehicle. When sensors call for a pressure increase the air compressor will run until the vehicle is at the appropriate ride height.
  • Air Shocks – Air shocks are used on the rear of a light-duty vehicle with limited space. An air shock looks like a standard shock absorber but with a larger shock body and a rubber air bellows. Air shocks can support some weight and offer load-leveling capability alongside a softer traditional coil spring.
  • Air Struts – Air struts will typically be found on the front suspension of everything from Jaguar to Ford. Air struts look like a traditional coil-over strut but instead of a coil spring, an air spring sits at the top of the assembly. Air struts can support all the normal weight that a coil-over strut could so they will not be found paired with any other springs. Air struts will offer load leveling and height adjustment, so they are a popular option on sport or off-road models with adjustable suspension.
  • Air Spring – Air springs or air bags are a rubber spring that will be paired with a traditional shock. An air spring will typically be found on the rear of larger vehicles like Lincoln SUVs and RAM trucks. Air springs are very strong for their size and when they are at higher pressures, they can support a respectable amount of weight.
  • Valves – Valves on OEM air suspensions are computer-controlled to move air around the system as the computer deems necessary. A solenoid valve can be electrically opened or closed to allow or restrict flow to certain parts of the system.
  • Height Sensors – Height sensors will be connected to the body of the vehicle and have an arm that moves with the suspension. The height sensors will inform the suspension control computer of the current height that the vehicle is sitting at. If the height is outside of the normal range the computer will command the air compressor to run and add air or it will open a valve to release air until the vehicle is riding at the correct height.

Will replacing my OEM air suspension with Arnott make my vehicle ride differently?

No. Arnott designs all its air ride products to have the same spring rate and weight ratings as the original so it will not change the quality of the ride. Many parts will have design improvements over the stock item to avoid failure points that may have been realized since the vehicle's release.

Should I replace my air suspension components or convert to coil springs?

The answer to this depends on how you use your vehicle.

If you utilize the height control features or frequently load the vehicle where the auto-leveling feature is being used, it would be best to replace the air suspension parts as they fail. Example: The Family’s Ford Expedition that is loaded with the kids on the weekend and the pop-up camper pulled behind.

If your vehicle is older and you do not utilize any of the features of the air suspension, converting to coils will simplify your vehicle and allow you to continue to use it. Example: Grandma’s Cadillac that she drives between home, church, and the casino.

How do I tell if my Chevy or GMC truck has Autoride?

All Chevrolet and GMC trucks have a sticker in the glovebox which includes information about the vehicle. There is a list of codes called RPO codes which detail what options the truck was built with on the assembly line. The code “Z55” on this list will designate that the truck has Autoride suspension.

How can I tell if my Mercedes-Benz has 4Matic, ADS, AIRMATIC, OR ABC?

Mercedes has several premium features for the suspension and drivetrain that have an impact on what suspension parts will work. Identifying which systems your Merc has will ensure proper fitment of replacement parts.

  • 4Matic is Mercedes-Benz all-wheel-drive systems. If your car has 4Matic there will be a trunk badge that indicates it is equipped.
  • ADS is the Mercedes Active Dampening System. It is standard on several vehicles and was an option on many more. An easy way to identify if your Mercedes has ADS is to look at the suspension control panel on the dash. An ADS equipped Mercedes will have a button that allows you to select sport or comfort mode and it will be marked “SPORT” and “COMF”. If there is no button indicating this, your Mercedes does not have ADS.
  • AIRMATIC is Mercedes-Benz’s air suspension. To identify if your Mercedes has AIRMATIC you will need to open the hood and look at the where the top of the struts mount. A car with AIRMATIC will have air lines running to each strut.
  • ABC is an acronym for Active Body Control. This is a Mercedes-Benz system that controls the hydraulic suspension components to eliminate body roll. To identify if your car has ABC you will need to open the hood and view where the struts mount. If the top of the struts have small black electrical connectors this car is equipped with ABC.

How can I tell if my Cadillac is an ETC model or a Concours model?

Cadillac marked their models with badges on the door or trunk. They will carry and extra badge with “ETC” or “Concours” on the front doors or the trunk lid.

What is the warranty on Arnott air suspension parts?

Arnott backs up their products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for North American customers on Arnott Air Springs, Air Struts, Compressors, Coil Spring Conversion Kits, and Valve Blocks. For Arnott products outside of North America, including the European Union, come with a Limited Two-Year Warranty. Arnott offers a 30-Day Warranty on parts used in commercial vehicles.

Improper use or installation is not a manufacturer's defect and will not be covered.

What should I do if I have more questions?

If you have more questions or you would like help finding the correct air suspension parts for your vehicle, please reach out to us at TruckSpring.com or call us at 1-800-358-4751. We have been in the suspension business for over 40 years and we are happy to help find the parts you need to get you back on the road.

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