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Arnott Shocks & Struts

Arnott Shocks & Struts

Arnott shock absorbers and struts are designed as a direct replacement of your factory shocks. Engineered, assembled and tested In the USA, Arnott shocks and struts are valved to ride like your OEM suspension.

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Arnott Shocks and Struts

Arnott produces a wide array of suspension parts that can be used to repair or convert your factory air suspension. Arnott’s product line includes specialized shock absorbers and struts for vehicles with air suspension and other types of adjustable suspensions that may not normally be available as replacement parts. By producing high-quality replacement air struts and air shocks Arnott provides an alternative to the high dealer prices and limited availability. Everyone has seen a Cadillac or a Lincoln with the rear end sagging and bouncing all over the road and set of replacement Arnott air shocks could set them right again.

What do shock absorbers do?

Shock absorbers are designed to stop oscillation (repetitive movement) that can cause wear and tear on suspension components and tires. Through research and development shocks have evolved to be adjustable by manual and electronic means and some manufacturers have added air elements to them to allow them to support weight on their own.

Shock Absorber

What are air struts?

A suspension strut is a shock absorber and a spring in a single assembly. A traditional strut is a coil-over style shock with a coil spring as a part of the assembly. Air struts replace the coil spring with an air bag that will support the weight of the vehicle and allow for some adjustment of height. Since the air bag can support a great deal of weight an air strut will function on its own and does not require a coil spring. Air struts are common on SUV applications like Land Rover and Lexus to make their vehicles handle well on and off-road and provide extra ground clearance where it is needed. Air struts will also be used in luxury cars like Mercedes and Jaguar to provide the best possible ride quality.

Arnott Air Strut

What are air shocks?

Air shocks use rubber bellows that are sealed to the shock body and shock cover. Air shocks are used to support weight and can offer some leveling assistance in a suspension with limited space. Air shocks are typically used in conjunction with traditional coil spring at a lower spring rate to provide a comfortable ride. Air shocks are common on GMC and Chevrolet SUVs that use auto-leveling to compensate for passenger or cargo weight in the rear.

Arnott Air Shock

What is the difference between an active shock and passive shock?

  • An active shock can adjust dampening through electronic or mechanical adjustment.
  • A passive shock is a standard shock that is pre-set with compression and rebound forces from the factory.

For many vehicles, Arnott offers a passive replacement for an active shock to allow you to simplify the suspension system and save on cost. Electronic bypass modules will be used to prevent the computer system from reporting errors and the computer will no longer have control over the level of dampening. Instead, the new passive shock absorber will function just as a standard shock does with factory-set internal valving.

How do I know when to replace my air struts or air shocks?

  • Blowout – If an air bag or air shock has a blowout while you are driving not only will the side that is blown need to be replaced but you should strongly consider replacing both sides. Suspension items tend to wear at the same rate and replacing one side that was worn to the point of failure and ignoring that the other side may cause you more problems soon.
  • Air leaks – If you notice your compressor running more often than it used to it is time to check for leaks. Since the air springs used with air struts and the bladders on air shocks are rubber they will wear over time as any rubber part. Grab soapy water and spray the air struts or shocks. Air leaks may be pinholes or tears, but the rubber bellows can also become worn to the point that air leaks through them and instead of a large bubble you will have thousands of tiny bubbles showing the air permeating the rubber.
  • Suspension errors – Computer systems on automobiles have become smarter over time and more capable of diagnosing trouble with different systems. Your vehicle's computer may tell you that there is a problem with the suspension, and it is time to have it serviced.
  • Bouncing – Putting aside all of the technology in adjustable suspensions the shock absorbers still rely on valves and oil to help dampen the vehicle movement and the road. There are seals and pistons working against each other inside the body of the shock and wear will occur. Eventually, the car will begin to bounce and feel “boaty” as the shocks have trouble canceling out the movement of the vehicle.

Why should I choose Arnott for my replacement air shocks and air struts?

Arnott strives to provide suspension parts that are built to last. They have over 30 years of aftermarket suspension experience and all their products are engineered and assembled in the USA. Arnott uses high-quality materials and components (many times from the same suppliers that built the OEM part) and they back their products with respectable warranties.

If you are ready to purchase replacement air shocks and struts or if you have questions, please give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or reach out to us at TruckSpring.com.

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