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Measuring Trailer Leaf Springs

Measuring Trailer Leaf Springs

Determine the Type Of Trailer Spring

Using the images below, select the type or style of trailer spring.

trailer leaf springs - video Overview

Accurately measuring your trailer springs and choosing the correct replacements is important for the function of your trailer and will make the job of replacing them much easier. Using replacement trailer springs with the correct length will keep the axle in the same position, eliminating the need to move fenders or suspension components like spring hangers or equalizer hangers. Matching your weight capacity, arch, and leaf count will keep the ride height of the trailer the same and keep the ride characteristics the same. Taking the correct measurements and matching your existing trailer springs will get your trailer back on the road quickly and with fewer headaches.

In this video, we show how to identify and measure trailer leaf springs. Identifying and Measuring Leaf Springs

Measure the Width of the Trailer Spring

Measure the width of the spring. The majority of trailer springs for boat, motorcycle, horse, camping, flatbed, and utility trailers are 1-3/4 inches wide.  To determine the width, simply measure along the center of the top leaf.

trailer spring width measurement

Measure the Length of the Trailer Leaf Spring

Measure the length of the trailer leaf spring. If you are replacing a spring, getting the same length is important. To measure the free length, refer to letter “C” above. It is important that your trailer is unloaded when measuring the length. When determining length (C), measure from the center of one spring eye to the center of the other spring eye for double eye trailer springs. Measurements will vary depending on the age and fatigue of your spring. We offer a large selection of trailer springs. Determining the length first will narrow your selection down considerably and make finding the correct spring quicker.

trailer spring length measurement

Determine the Capacity of the Springs

Determine the rating of your trailer axle and then select the capacity of your springs. If you have a 6000 lb. rated trailer axle with two springs, you will use two 3000 lb. rated trailer springs or higher. Please note, the capacity ratings we display are for each individual trailer spring.

Once you have determined the capacity, and number of springs, count the number of steel leafs your current springs have. If you are replacing all of your springs, the number of leafs will not be as important. You can switch from a 4 leaf to a 3 leaf trailer spring with thicker steel if you prefer.

leaf spring count

Measure Free Open and Arc of the Trailer Spring

Measure the free open (H) and the arc (A) and (B) of the trailer spring. These measurements are more for reference and will change with the age and fatigue of your spring. These measurements can show you the importance of replacing all of your springs rather than one at a time. If you have an older spring that has lost its arc over time and you add one new spring with a taller arc to the other side of your trailer, your trailer will lean to one side causing for an uneven load and unsafe conditions.

free open length measurement

Leaf Spring Bushings

The majority of springs are shipped with 9/16" trailer spring bushings. Please place a comment on your order during checkout if you would like 1/2" bushings. Not all springs can use 1/2 inch bushings, it they cannot and you request them, we will let you know before shipping.

trailer leaf spring bushing

Change Springs in Pairs

All trailer springs are sold individually, but it is highly recommended to change them in pairs. Changing only one spring may cause your trailer to lean to one side due to the spring fatigue of the unchanged spring(s).

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