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New Product: EH3050 - SAF-Holland e-Hitch Coupler


eHitch The EH3050 e-Hitch is a rigid mount coupler is designed for industrial and aviation ground support applications. Ideal for luggage towing in airport operations, this e-Hitch coupler has many features that ensures quick and secure coupling. These features combine to create a superior coupling device that gives the user the ability to customize their towing experience.

eHitch The new EH3050 e-Hitch features a 2.125 inch (54mm) heat-treated and high-strength pin which features an internal spring and integral keyway. By placing the spring on the inside of the pin, the spring is protected from impact during coupling or operation. The integral keyway allows the pin to be locked in the ‘up’ position with the 1/8 turn of the fold-down handle. The handle can easily be reversed to convert from fold-down handle to a rigid handle. By employing the integral keyway in combination with the frame-mounted key, the need to hunt for the keyway while in operation is eliminated, which leads to quicker operating coupler.

The frame of the EH3050 e-Hitch also provides some protection to the working parts. The frame is made from high-strength cast steel to be resistant to wear and powder coated to resist corrosion. The powder coated finish is available in yellow or white. The throat area of the e-Hitch slopes inward (negative slope), this design reduces play between the coupler and the drawbar, effectively minimizing drawbar bouncing or chucking.

This coupler’s mounting pattern allows for a range of weight capacities. Its maximum drawbar pull (DBP) ranges from 30,000 lbs. (13,610kg) to 50,000 lbs. (22,680kg) Its maximum vertical load is always 500 lbs. (227kg). Because the EH3050 e-Hitch features a “flex-mount” bolt pattern, these weight capacities depend on how the coupler is mounted. Further, this allows the e-Hitch to replace several different couplers and pintle hooks.

IMPORTANT: There is no secondary lock mechanism. This coupler is not designed for over-the- road applications.

eHitchThe EH3050 e-Hitch Replaces the following Holland Products


  • EH-20 Series
  • EH-40 Series

Pintle Hooks:

  • BH-200RN8
  • BH-50mmRN
  • PH-10RP
  • PH-T-60-AOL-8
  • PH-30RP

Buy the SAF-Holland EH-3050 e-Hitch Coupler for Industrial and Aviation ground support from, your source for coupling products.

e-Hitch Coupler - Yellow Finish


e-Hitch Coupler – White Finish

Buy online at or call Michigan Truck Spring 1-800-358-4751. They are an authorized SAF-Holland warehouse distributor.

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