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Leaf Spring Equalizers

Leaf Spring Equalizers

Leaf Spring Equalizers for heavy duty trucks and trailers suspensions.

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SKU 16290-01

Leaf spring equalizer for Hutch Cast H, CH96/9700, 42-1/2 inch - 49 inch spacing.   Details

6 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Hutch
  • Automann Number:EQ028
  • Batco Number:09-3067
  • BWP Number:M-3482C
  • Dayton Number:338-887
  • Euclid Number:E-9471
  • Flagg Number:H225, H225I
  • Hutch Number:1778401, 1629001
  • Meritor Number:R309471
  • Note:Includes TRB5542 equalizer bushing.
  • MPN: 16290-01

Leaf spring equalizer for early F2 and current F3 Fruehauf suspensions. Cast construction.   Details

20+ In Stock as of August 16, 2022 19:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Fruehauf
  • Automann Number:EQ015
  • Batco Number:09-2180
  • BWP Number:M-2150
  • Dayton Number:338-715
  • Euclid Number:E2830
  • Flagg Number:FR269
  • Fruehauf Number:UXA000017000
  • Leland Number:SC1222
  • Meritor Number:R302830
  • Midland Number:CS70400B
  • Transpro Number:0771-00
  • Note:Use EQ015S for heavy duty use.
  • MPN: EQ015
SKU 16158-01

Leaf spring equalizer for Hutch H, CH96/9700, 42-1/2 inch - 49 inch spacing, fabricated.   Details

20+ In Stock as of August 16, 2022 19:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Hutch
  • Automann Number:EQ019
  • Batco Number:019-3066
  • BWP Number:M-3482
  • Dayton Number:338-886
  • Euclid Number:E-7532, E-9567
  • Flagg Number:H220, H220I
  • Hutch Number:1615801
  • Leland Number:SC2637
  • Meritor Number:R307532
  • Midland Number:CS71103B
  • Note:Includes TRB5542 equalizer bushing.
  • MPN: 16158-01
SKU 334-452HD

Bolt and bushing kit for all Fruehauf F, NF series suspensions.   Details

20+ In Stock as of August 16, 2022 19:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Fruehauf
  • Batco Number:09-2271
  • Dayton Number:334-452
  • Euclid Number:E1024
  • Flagg Number:FR264
  • Fruehauf Number:UXA000004900
  • MPN: 334-452HD
SKU 750-03

Leaf spring equalizer for Hutch H, CH7600 / H, CH7700, 42-1/2 inch-49 inch spacing, fabricated.   Details

8 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Hutch
  • Automann Number:EQ013
  • Batco Number:09-3220
  • BWP Number:M-2146
  • Dayton Number:338-419, 338-419I
  • Euclid Number:E-2781, E-2781A, E-9570
  • Flagg Number:H100, H100I
  • Hutch Number:75003
  • Leland Number:SC1430
  • Meritor Number:R302781A, R302781 R309570
  • Midland Number:CS71101B
  • Transpro Number:0769-00
  • Note:Includes TRB5541 bushing.
  • MPN: 750-03
SKU 0650-00

Leaf spring equalizer for Reyco Transpro Super Heavy Duty Model 88 with TRB5544 bushing.   Details

5 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Reyco
  • Application:Transpro
  • Batco Number:09-2467
  • Dayton Number:338-378
  • Euclid Number:E4813
  • Gaumers Number:SC1956
  • Hutch Number:97800
  • Meritor Number:R304813
  • Midland Number:CS71701B
  • Reyco Number:065000, 075800, 005800
  • Transpro Number:0650-00
  • Note:Includes TRB5544 bushing
  • MPN: 0650-00
SKU 10287-01

Equalizer bolt kit for Hutch H2200, H7600 and 7700 suspensions.   Details

16 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Hutch
  • Batco Number:09-3217
  • BWP Number:M-2975
  • Dayton Number:334-639
  • Euclid Number:E3414
  • Flagg Number:H217
  • Hutch Number:1028701
  • Leland Number:SA1983
  • Meritor Number:Meritor
  • Midland Number:CQ70368B
  • Note:H2200, H76/7700
  • MPN: 10287-01
SKU 19137-01

Leaf spring equalizer for Hutch H, CH7600 / H, CH7700, 42-1/2 inch - 49 inch spacing.   Details

10 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Hutch
  • Automann Number:EQ014
  • Batco Number:09-3221
  • Dayton Number:338-408
  • Euclid Number:E3889
  • Flagg Number:H101
  • Hutch Number:1913701, 70401, 2436701
  • Meritor Number:R302889
  • Midland Number:CS71104B
  • Reyco Number:74800
  • Note:Includes TRB5541 equalizer bushing
  • MPN: 19137-01
SKU SK83-31000

Equalizer bushing kit for Reyco 21B trailer suspension.   Details

1 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Reyco
  • Automann Number:TRB5066, TRK5066, TRK5066UB
  • Dayton Number:321-146, 334-211
  • Dyco Number:D59
  • Euclid Number: E-1159, E-3976, E-8653, E-9555
  • Flagg Number:R110, R110UB, R233
  • Gaff Number:15075, 15076
  • Reyco Number:T-5524, TK18998
  • Severson Number:A80BL0020
  • Sirco Number:SR1001
  • TRP Parts:TRK50660
  • Note:21B Trailer Suspension
  • UPC: 751354032550
  • MPN: SK83-31000
SKU T5427

Leaf spring equalizer for Reyco 21B, 42 to 49 inch axle spacing.   Details

18 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Reyco
  • Automann Number:EQ001
  • Batco Number:09-2458
  • BWP Number:M-1670
  • Dayton Number:338-199
  • Leland Number:SC1701
  • Meritor Number:R302846, R302846A
  • Midland Number:CS73604B
  • Reyco Number:T5427
  • Trailmobile Number:700360
  • Note:Use with TRK5066 equalizer bolt assembly. Bushings NOT Included.
  • MPN: T5427
SKU 47444-001L

Leaf spring equalizer for Hendrickson E4 Series suspensions.   Details

2 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Hendrickson
  • Automann Number:EQ033
  • Batco Number:09-5014, 09-5016
  • Dayton Number:338-1138, 338-763
  • Euclid Number:E5265
  • Flagg Number:E539-50
  • Gaumers Number:035500
  • Hendrickson Number:47437, 47444001, 47444-001, 47444004, 47444-4
  • Meritor Number:R305265
  • Midland Number:CS70500
  • Note:Uses BKF100700GR8 equalizer bolt kit and (2) MHS78 shackles bolts. Includes center bushing and two end bushings
  • MPN: 47444-001L

Leaf spring equalizer for 1-4 leaf, 21B cast tapered springs, 49 inch axle spread.   Details

2 In Stock as of August 16, 2022 7:15 PM EST.
  • Application:Reyco
  • Automann Number:EQ053
  • Euclid Number:E2846A
  • Meritor Number:R302846A
  • Reyco Number:2172501, 21725-01
  • UPC: 889626111839
  • MPN: EQ053

HD Equalizers

Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Equalizers are mostly found on trailers that are using multi-axle leaf spring suspensions. The equalizer creates a shared spring mounting point for two neighboring axles, which allows load and shock from one axle to be shared with the neighboring axle. The leaf spring equalizer is mounted to an equalizer hanger and allowed to pivot. On uneven terrain, the equalizer will help to keep axles on the ground. When one axle is pushed higher by the terrain the next axle is forced down by the see-saw action of the leaf spring equalizer, this smooths the suspension operation and helps prevent damage.

Equalizer Bushings

Heavy-Duty leaf spring equalizers support the ends of the leaf springs and allow them to articulate. Each equalizer contains a center bushing that helps to cushion the shock on the equalizer hanger and the trailer frame. Some applications use a tapered style bushing that is easily replaceable. The tapered style bushings use two rubber cones that oppose each other, and as the assembly is tightened down, the rubber cones seat into the hanger and center themselves.

Equalizer Bushing

Other equalizers use pressed in bushings, which are not as easy to replace. Due to the large diameter and surface area of the bushing a large press will be required to press in new equalizer bushings. In many cases the cost of the bushing and the labor to press them in will exceed the cost of a new equalizer assembly with a bushing included.

Slipper Spring Suspension

Heavy Duty trailers use slipper spring suspensions, both ends of a slipper type spring are flat with a downward curl at the tip so the leaf springs will slip along the hangers and equalizers, instead of using spring eyes. Slipper type suspensions are very robust, but there is a considerable amount of wear that occurs between the leaf springs and the equalizers and hangers. As the springs compress and rebound, they will change length, sliding against the steel in the equalizers and hangers. Most HD equalizers and hangers have thicker areas that act as wear pads that are meant to take the wear and tear of the slipper springs. Over time the springs and the equalizers will wear and will need to be replaced. Inspecting the suspension should be part of regular service routines, so discovering an equalizer that needs replacement should be done early before the wear has gotten to the point that something may break.

Replacing HD Leaf Spring Equalizers

When replacing heavy-duty leaf spring equalizers, it is essential to identify and measure a few features of the equalizer to ensure that the correct replacement is purchased.

Cast or Fabricated - Most suspension components used on heavy-duty trailers will have an option for cast or fabricated.

Cast steel is more substantial and can be more resistant to wear because there is more material present. Cast equalizers have a rough finish, and you will see no welds in their construction.

Cast Equalizer

Fabricated equalizers have a smooth finish and will have clear welded sections. Fabricated suspension parts will be lighter in overall weight.

Fabricated Equalizer

Bushing type and bolt size – The bushing types and bolt sizes used can vary between suspension manufacturers and models. Hutch, Reyco, and Fruehauf are the most common manufacturers of trailer suspension and depending on the era and the model of suspension the attaching hardware and bushings may change.

Equalizer length – The length of the equalizer is a measurement of the “shoulders” or the widest section of the equalizer when viewed from the side. Confirming this length is vital to confirm that the springs will rest against the correct area of the equalizer with enough room to move freely.

Rebound bolt centers – The rebound bolts will retain the slipper springs in the equalizer when the suspension is assembled. Measuring the centers of these rebound bolts verifies that the bolts will be located correctly to retain the springs.



Equalizers are mounted to the frame using an equalizer hanger. In some situations, these hangers can become damaged and may also need to be replaced. If an equalizer hanger needs replacement several measurements must be taken to ensure that the replacement is the correct height. If the wrong height equalizer hanger is used it can cause the axles using that equalizer to be over or underweight. A few suspensions offer equalizer hanger kits that have the two parts joined at the factory with a huck-bolt and ready for installation.

Equalizer Hanger Dimensions

If the time has come to replace the heavy-duty leaf spring equalizers on your trailer look to TruckSpring.com for the correct replacements. We have essential dimensions and cross-references listed, and if you have trouble finding a match, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be glad to help you find the parts that you need.

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