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U-Bolt Spring Plates

U-Bolt Spring Plates

Top and bottom spring plates for heavy duty trucks and trailers u-bolts.

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SKU E348-22

GM U-Bolt bottom plate. Replaces 338-833, 12000 and 3996593.   Details

20+ In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:GM
  • Dayton Number:338-833
  • Flagg Number:E348-22
  • Gaumers Number:12000
  • GMC Number:3996593
  • Note:Rear spring
  • Manufacturers Part Number:3996593
  • MPN: E348-22
SKU M1915

U-bolt top plate M1915 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks, narrow frame stamped type.   Details

20+ In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Ford
  • Automann Number:M1915
  • Ford Number:3C3Z5798AA, 3C3Z-5798-AA, F81Z5798AA, F81Z-5798-AA
  • MPN: M1915
SKU M1023

U-bolt bottom plate for GM pickups and SUV's.   Details

10 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Chevrolet
  • Batco Number:GMC
  • GMC Number:15711787, 25761308
  • Note:Rear spring
  • MPN: M1023

Flanged lock nut with tab for front of rear applications. M20-2.5 threads, 2.5 pitch.   Details

5 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Front of rear, Use with M5478 flanged bolt
  • OEM Number:N806367S60
SKU 16868-01

U-bolt top plate 16868-01 for Reyco applications. U-bolts down fabricated.   Details

4 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Reyco
  • Batco Number:09-2886
  • Dayton Number:338-1367
  • Euclid Number:E2907A
  • Flagg Number:E3032
  • Reyco Number:160660, 007700, 071600, 2333401
  • Note:U-Bolts down fabricated
  • MPN: 16868-01

U-bolt top plate MFL57 for Freightliner rear eye/slipper spring.   Details

2 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Freightliner
  • Freightliner Number:6803250231
  • Note:Rear Eye/Slipper Spring
  • MPN: MFL57
SKU 15587817

U bolt top plate for GM Vehicles. For 2-1/2" wide springs, tapers out to 3-1/2" wide at center.   Details

12 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:GM Trucks
  • GMC Number:15587817
  • MPN: 15587817
SKU 338-200

U-bolt top plate 338-200 for Reyco Transpro trailer applications. U-bolts down cast.   Details

4 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Reyco
  • Batco Number:09-2578, 09-2579
  • BWP Number:M-2833, M-2952, M-3441
  • Dayton Number:338-200, 338-1139, 338-766, 338-661, 338-664, 39050038
  • Euclid Number:E2873, E9553
  • Flagg Number:R117
  • GMC Number:2004671
  • Haldex Number:CS70428
  • International Number:796205C1
  • Leland Number:SA1094, SB1702
  • Mack Number:8QK29303, 8QK338
  • Meritor Number:R302873, R309533, R309553
  • Reyco Number:0867701, 2005001
  • Volvo Number:027020128
  • Watson & Chalin #:91289
  • MPN: 338-200
SKU 50216-000

U-Bolt bottom plate for Hendrickson trailers. Replaces Hendrickson numbers 50216000, 50216-000.   Details

2 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Hendrickson
  • Automann Number:MHS5016
  • Hendrickson Number:50216000, 50216-000
  • UCF Number:H-50216-000
  • Volvo Number:8176731
  • MPN: 050216-000
SKU 56805-000

U-bolt top plate 56805-000 for Hendrickson E4, HFS series and Bluebird Bus ComfortAir suspensions.   Details

4 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Hendrickson
  • Automann Number:M1910
  • Batco Number:09-5113
  • Blue Bird Number:0006579
  • Dayton Number:338-1560
  • Euclid Number:E9397, E-9397
  • Ford Number:4C4O5708BA, 4C4Z5708BA
  • Hendrickson Number:56805, 56805000, 57195, 57195000, 57195-000, 65071000, 65071-000
  • International Number:2036088C1
  • Mack Number:11QK486M, 11QK86M
  • Meritor Number:R309397, E9397
  • UCF Number:H-56805-000
  • Volvo Number:8027632
  • MPN: 56805-000

U-bolt top plate bumper MMB989 for use in M1757 U-bolt top plate.   Details

4 In Stock as of June 26, 2022 1:20 AM EST.
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Peterbilt Number:0202904
  • Note:Use in M1757 U-bolt top plate. Front spring
  • MPN: MMB989
SKU MPB75617

Radius rod top plate MPB75617 for Peterbilt Flex Air and G380 Airglide suspensions.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Peterbilt Number:C116017, C11-6017
  • UPC: 889626096402
  • MPN: MPB75617

What are U-Bolt Spring Plates?

U-bolt spring plates will be used on many suspension designs that use leaf springs and U-Bolts. U-bolt plates can be used on the top of the spring, the bottom of the axle, or both. U-bolt plates will allow the clamping force of the U-bolts to be spread out over a larger area, preventing damage. The use of U-bolt plates prevents breakage of the leaf springs by limiting the possibility of high stress points where the leaf spring and U-bolts meet and allows force to be effectively transferred to the axle housing without causing cracks or damage.

What are U-Bolt Top Plates?

U-bolt top plates are used to protect the leaf springs and to guide the position of the U-bolts. Top plates will have an opening to position the plate over the center bolt and there will be a channel to locate each U-bolt on the plate. The channels will hold the U-bolts in a position that keeps them square to the axle when they are secured. Some top plates will include bump stop towers to help limit suspension travel and they may also provide shock absorber or torque rod mounting locations.

What are U-Bolt Bottom Plates?

U-bolt bottom plates allow the clamping force to be applied to the axle on suspensions that orient the U-bolts downward with the bend at the top curving over the leaf spring. The bottom plate will be contoured to match the curve of the axle to evenly spread the force and the U-bolts will pass through the plate. When washers and nuts are secured to the U-bolt they will push against the plate as they are tightened clamping the axle and leaf spring pack together.

What Causes U-Bolt Leaf Spring Plates to Fail?

If at some point during the life of the suspension the U-bolts loosened there may be wear in both the top and bottom U-bolt plates. As suspension components shift, they will cause wear between the components that are moving. When servicing the suspension worn top and bottom plates should be replaced to prevent damage to new components.

When replacing U-bolt spring plates, it is usually best to use an OEM part number or a casting number and then measuring to verify the correct replacement. If you are not able to find the U-bolt spring plates that you need for your vehicle, please give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or reach out to us at TruckSpring.com and we will be glad to help.

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