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Turn Signal Switches

Turn Signal Switches

Heavy Duty OEM die cast turn signal switches for all makes of heavy duty trucks.

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Replacement turn signal switch for heavy trucks. 12 volt. Universal Turn Signal Switch.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Application:Universal
  • Automann Number:577.99001
  • Grote Number:48072
  • Paccar Number:TL1035
  • Peterson Number:500
  • Signal-Stat Number:900
  • Instructions: VSM900 Installation Instructions.
  • MPN: 900

Replacement turn signal switch for golf carts and electric vehicles. 12 volt.   Details

4 In Stock
SKU VSM915Y704

Replacement turn signal switch for Kenworth trucks. 12 volt.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Application:Kenworth
  • Automann Number:577.59004
  • Grote Number:01484070, 01484071, 484071
  • Kenworth Number:K301-357, 18500D044, K301357
  • Paccar Number:TL1110, TL11100
  • Signal-Stat Number:915Y704
  • MPN: 915Y704
SKU VSM918Y994

Replacement turn signal switch for Western Star trucks. 12 volt.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Application:Western Star
  • Automann Number:577.96008
  • Paccar Number:TL1132
  • Western Star Number:84401-3429, 844013429
  • MPN: 918Y994
SKU VSM918Y998

Replacement turn signal switch for Western Star trucks. 12 volt.   Details

1 In Stock
  • Application:Western Star
  • Automann Number:577.96007
  • Paccar Number:TL1125
  • Western Star Number:84401-3431, 844013431
  • MPN: 918Y998
SKU VSM999827

Replacement turn signal switch for Peterbilt trucks. 12 volt. Peterbilt 480827G   Details

2 In Stock
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Automann Number:577.75009
  • Grote Number:481381, 01481380, 01481381, 01481389, 48552
  • Paccar Number:TL3030
  • Peterbilt Number:480827G
  • Truck-Lite Number:999827
  • TRW Number:480827, 480827G
  • MPN: 999827
SKU VSM915Y113

Replacement 12 volt turn signal switch for Freightliner trucks.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Application:Freightliner
  • Automann Number:577.46007
  • Freightliner Number:A06-17126-000, A06-13867-002, A0613867002, A0617126000
  • Paccar Number:TL1100
  • Signal-Stat Number:915Y113
  • MPN: 915Y113
SKU VSM915Y121

OEM Replacement turn signal switch for Peterbilt trucks. 12 volt.   Details

1 In Stock
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Automann Number:577.75003
  • Paccar Number:TL1115
  • Peterbilt Number:16-05713, 1605713
  • MPN: 915Y121
SKU VSM915Y124

Direct OEM replacement turn signal switch for Peterbilt trucks. 12 volt.   Details

1 In Stock
  • Application:Peterbilt
  • Automann Number:577.75004
  • Paccar Number:TL1025, TL1075
  • Peterbilt Number:16-06432, TL10750, 1606432
  • Signal-Stat Number:915Y124
  • MPN: 915Y124
SKU VSM988173

Replacement turn signal switch for Volvo and GM trucks. 12 volt. Volvo, GM part number 3172173.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Application:Volvo
  • Automann Number:577.96003
  • Volvo Number:3172173
  • MPN: 988173
SKU VSM999177

Replacement turn signal switch for Freightliner truck. 12 volt. Freightliner GR01481177   Details

1 In Stock
  • Application:Freightliner
  • Automann Number:577.46010
  • Freightliner Number:GR01481177
  • Grote Number:481177, 48522, 01481176
  • Paccar Number:TL3005
  • VSM Number:999177
  • MPN: 999177
SKU VSM999282

Replacement turn signal switch for heavy trucks. 12 volt.   Details

1 In Stock

Turn Signal Switches

Nursing a broken turn signal switch on your heavy-duty truck or making do with hand signals on your golf cart or side by side is not making your life any easier or safer. Replacing a turn signal switch can be a relatively easy job that makes your truck safer, especially when pulling long trailers that take a great amount of space to make lane changes or turn. Signaling your intentions should clear they way of those who are paying attention while they drive. Adding a turn signal to a vehicle can help get it registered and it will add a level of safety and visibility that it did not have before

Replacement OEM style turn signals can be an affordable replacement versus dealer prices and many have upgrades to the OEM design to extend the lifespan of the switch. OEM style replacements should always be matched by the part number that is being replaced. With mounting points and connectors that are vehicle specific, just because a switch looks like the one that is being replaced it does not mean it will fit. An OEM type replacement will include the same features as the original part it is replacing, this includes: hazard lights, high/low beam, horn, cruise control features, and flash to pass. The connectors and mounting points will match the original and plastic appearance panels will fit over the replacements just as they did with the original. VSM OEM style replacement turn signals offer reliable turn signal switches with an impressive lift of features:

  • Exceeds class A, SAE, QQC, and FMVSS108 specs
  • Heavy Duty unitized construction
  • Positive detent for better driver feel when signaling
  • Capacity to flash 18 bulbs in hazard mode, 9 bulbs per side for turn signal flashing
  • Heavy Duty hazard tab for long life and reliability in 4-way flasher operation
  • Integrated stop lamp circuitry
  • Durable, long lasting contacts for longer life
  • Handle lift-to-dim high/low beam selector
  • Integral mounting bracket provides a sturdy assembly
  • Grease-free contact area

Universal turn signal switches are commonly used to add a turn signal to a vehicle that was not originally equipped with one, like a golf cart or an off-road side by side and to replace a turn signal on an older vehicle that may no longer have availability. Universal turn signals will include wiring diagrams and they will mount to the vehicles steering column with a clamp. Universal type turn signal switches may offer more features than just running the directional indicators.

  • Pilot Lights – Turn signal switches with pilot lights have their own built in indicators to show that the turn signals or hazards are working. Green pilot lights will illuminate for the left or right turn signal and a red indicator will illuminate for the hazard lights. This can be useful when adding a turn signal switch and there are no dash indicators set up.
  • High and low beam control – Some turn signal switches can control the high and low beam headlights. This control may be a push button on the end of the stalk, or the stalk may lift to stich between them. This can be useful on older vehicles that had the high/low selector as a foot switch.
  • Horn – A horn button can be an option on some turn signal switches. The horn button will be at the end of the stalk. This can be very useful on vehicles that are being converted to road legal where turn signals and a horn were not originally equipped but they are required to be registered. Instead of adding multiple switches and buttons to the vehicle dash a universal turn signal switch can install cleanly to the steering column and out of the way.

If you are shopping for an OEM replacement or a universal add-on turn signal and you are not having luck finding what you need, please give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or reach out to us at TruckSpring.com. We have experience adding and replacing turn signals on multiple vehicle types and we would be glad to help you out as well.

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