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Have a cracked or worn out leaf spring shackle? We stock OEM quality leaf spring shackles that are designed specifically for the make, model and year of your truck.

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What are leaf spring shackles?

Leaf spring suspensions have existed since the horse and buggy, and along with the leaf spring, leaf spring shackles have always been along for the ride. Simply put, the leaf spring shackle keeps the spring securely attached to the vehicle while still allowing it to flex. Leaf springs work by spreading the weight that they are carrying over a length of steel. The leaf spring packs may consist of a single leaf of steel or multiple, depending on the weight it will need to carry. An arch is bent into the lengths of steel to set the ride height of the vehicle, and as this vehicle travels down the road it will force the spring to flex and change shape. As the arch of the spring is flattened it will increase in length, and as the spring rebounds the arch will return, and the spring shortens; this is where the leaf spring shackle comes into play. The leaf spring shackles allow the spring to move freely and change length by functioning as a moving link in the suspension while keeping the leaf spring attached to the rear spring hanger. When the spring changes length the shackle will pivot and allow the suspension to articulate without binding.

What are the parts of a leaf spring shackle?

Leaf spring shackles may be a single piece of steel or consist of multiple parts. This is decided by the suspension design and the vehicle manufacturer. Single piece shackles may only be a shaped piece of steel, or they may contain a rubber bushing like what a leaf spring would use. Bar type shackles can include bushings, sleeves, bolts, and nuts all as separate components. Leaf spring shackles come in a wide variety to match the suspension designs, and differing vehicle eras used different types of materials.

Leaf spring shackles may be cast steel, stamped steel, or bar type.

Cast steel – Older vehicles commonly used shackles with a cast steel construction and robust, greaseable spring pins. Cast steel shackles have a rough appearance and are more widely used on medium and heavy-duty trucks rather than light duty.

Cast Steel Shackle

Stamped steel – Today, stamped steel leaf spring shackles are the most common type. Using a rubber bushing and accepting a bolt at both ends. On some shackles, the bushing will be replaceable, and others may be formed around the bushing and not allow for replacement. Stamped steel shackles will consist of the stamped body and the bushing.

Stamped Steel Shackle

Bar type – Bar type shackles will still be made of stamped steel, but instead of one single stamped shackle body, the shackle will be split into two sides. Most bar type shackles will include the spring eye bolt and frame bolt and usually one or both sets of bushings.

Bar Type Shackle

How do leaf spring shackles fail?

Most leaf spring shackle failures are caused by a breakdown from the environment that they work in. Corrosion and road salt may cause the steel in the shackle to weaken, and the shackle may break. Shackles that use permanent rubber bushings may have the rubber break down from dry rot or contamination, and the bushing may fail. Accidents on the road may also damage or break shackles from the impact, sparing other more costly parts.

Can I drive with a broken leaf spring shackle?

Although your vehicle may continue to function when you have a broken leaf spring shackle, it does not mean you should keep driving the vehicle without addressing the issue. By ignoring the damaged shackle, you are doing more damage to your vehicle and the suspension, and you may end up needing a lot more repair work than you would have initially. If the vehicle is hauling this damage can be amplified because it is not just the weight of the vehicle that is pushing down on the suspension.

What happens when a leaf spring shackle fails?

When a leaf spring shackle fails the shackle end of the leaf spring is no longer attached to the frame. This will allow the leaf spring to move into locations and contact components that it was never meant to. On a pickup, this will cause the rear portions of the springs to contact the bed. If the impact is significant enough the spring and what is left of the shackle will punch through the bottom of the bed. The springs may get stuck in this location, or as the vehicle hits bumps, they will continue to strike the bed and cause more damage and a great deal of noise. If you have and SUV that is using leaf springs and a shackle breaks the rear portion of the leaf spring may end up puncturing into the cabin at the rear of the vehicle. This will typically be the cargo area behind the rear seats, and the impact can create holes in the body that allow water to soak the carpet by being splashed from below.

Can I use shackles to lift or lower my vehicle?

Yes, on many applications shackles with different lengths can be used to lift or lower your vehicle. Shackles that change ride height should be purchased using vehicle applications only, and they may not be available for all applications.

Leaf Spring Shackle rc920

How do you change a leaf spring shackle?

Changing leaf spring shackles is usually accomplished while changing out the leaf spring packs but in the event a shackle is damaged or broken, and the springs are in good condition a leaf spring shackle can be changed separately. If you live in an environment that uses road salt, replacing a shackle can be involved even though the task only consists of removing two bolts.

  1. Put the vehicle in park, set parking brake, and chock front wheels.
  2. Lift vehicle using the frame until the tires are off the ground and support the frame with jack stands.
  3. Support the axle with a jack.
  4. Unbolt the shackle from the leaf spring hanger.
  5. Unbolt the shackle from the leaf spring.
  6. Install in reverse order and torque to OEM specs.

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