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Leaf Spring Hangers

OEM, high quality leaf spring hangers designed specifically for your make, model and year of your truck. Pickup truck spring hangers will fail over time and being integral part of your suspension they should be replaced.

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what is a leaf spring hanger

Leaf spring shackle or hanger?

Leaf spring hangers provide frame connections for the leaf springs and leaf spring shackles on the suspension systems of Pickup trucks and Vans. Leaf spring hangers are made from stamped or cast steel and riveted to the frame during the vehicle assembly. Hangers will be referred to as Front of Rear (FOR) or Rear of Rear (ROR) on rear leaf spring applications and Front of Front (FOF) or Rear of Front (ROF) on front leaf spring applications. The forward hanger will directly connect to the spring with a bolt that passes through the hanger and the spring eye. The rear hanger will be attached to a shackle with a bolt that passes through the shackle and the spring hanger, and the leaf spring shackles will attach to the leaf spring. The above image shows the leaf spring hangers in red and the leaf spring shackle in yellow. The shackle is a link that allows the spring to change length as it is loaded and unloaded. Without a shackle link, the suspension would have no way to flex.

leaf spring hanger

Why do leaf spring hangers fail?

In ideal conditions leaf spring hangers will not wear. Any movement is intended to occur between the bolt and the bushing in the leaf spring and the shackle. The primary reasons for leaf spring hanger replacement are corrosion and damage. The shape of leaf spring hangers can cause debris and moisture to settle in the hanger, and over time, the hanger will become thin and develop rust holes. Corrosion is detrimental to the strength of the leaf spring hanger, and in some extreme cases, the hangers can break. Leaf spring hangers can also be damaged by neglecting the suspension system. Corrosion may also seize the spring eye bolt inside the bushing sleeve causing the bolt to rotate inside the hanger. Since the hanger is not designed for this rotation, it will wear the mounting hole for the spring bolts. This wear can cause the rear axle to dog track; this is when the direction of the rear wheels is not in line with the direction of travel and the rear of the vehicle will seem to step out. Leaf spring and shackle bushings that are ignored may wear to the point that they fall apart and let the spring shift side-to-side. During cornering, the spring will slap back and forth inside the hanger, causing impact damage and bending the hanger. If this condition is left long enough, the hanger may break from metal fatigue. When a spring hanger breaks, the end of the leaf spring is no longer contained, and it will contact the bottom of the truck bed. When going over bumps the spring will slap the bottom of the bed repeatedly and if the impact is hard enough the spring may come through the bed of the truck.

How to identify the correct replacement leaf spring hanger

Replacing leaf spring hangers is a straight-forward job, but identification of the correct replacement is the first step. Identifying leaf spring hangers for pickup trucks and vans will require a few measurements to ensure that the correct replacement is purchased. Leaf spring hangers will be based on vehicle applications, but many applications will have more than one option. The hanger shape and position may be changed due to changes in vehicle options or design changes during vehicle production. By measuring the hanger that is being replaced, you can guarantee the replacement you receive will fit perfectly the first time.

leaf spring hanger

How do I replace a leaf spring hanger?

Once you have identified the correct replacement spring hanger, installation involves drilling the original rivets out and removing the old hanger. You will then offer up the new spring hanger and install bolts to attach it to the frame instead of rivets. This will be a much easier task with the leaf springs removed as space is limited in the area that you will be doing most of the work. The original hanger will be bolted or riveted on from the factory with the majority being riveted. The rivets are drilled out and replaced with bolts when the new hanger is installed. Washers or flanged nuts and bolts should be used when attaching an item to the frame to prevent damage to the hanger and the frame itself. Thread locker or locking nuts should be used to keep the hardware tight and prevent any shifting once it is installed. The majority of spring hanger replacement will be done while a leaf spring change is being done so after the install of the hanger is complete the rest of the spring job can continue.

Replacing a spring hanger may add more work to your planned spring job but making sure that the suspension is completely refreshed can add years of reliability to your truck. If a spring hanger is found with wear or damage, installing a new spring and hardware while ignoring the hanger may leave you with a half-finished job and the work you have just done may not last. If you need help locating a replacement hanger or need advice on changing one out reach out to us at Truckspring.com or call us at 1-800-358-4751 and we will do our best to help you find the parts you need.

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