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Connect Air Springs

The Production Facility

The Production facility

Connect brand air springs are developed by using technology in every stage of the process to guarantee the quality of these products. Connect Air Springs are crafted using a state-of-the-art vulcanization process. Vapor technology is used in the vulcanization process. The aim is to produce the product in more suitable and stable heat, increasing the quality of the product. The pressure in the energy system is kept under control as the heat and pressure curve is electronically controlled. The system is kept under control by electronic recording systems such as automatic cut-off systems and conductivity control.

To ensure a successful vulcanization press during air spring production, the vulcanization needs to occur in ideal time, heat and pressure. The vulcanization press is electronically controlled and monitored, which guarantees product quality by controlling time, heat and pressure throughout the whole process and therefore increases production efficiency by decreasing fixing and repairing rates.

Air Springs Tested for safety

Connect brand Air Springs are rigorously tested with 3 different processes: Testing Connect Air Springs

Testing Connect Air Springs

  • Durability Testing: In this multi staged test, the conditions of road use are applied to the air spring but in a more severe manner. Changes in the air spring are reported during every stage of the test. The results are then analyzed by the research and development department and used to improve the product.
  • Pressure, Diameter and Lifting Force Measuring: In this test, product lifting force is tested and the air spring is checked by creating load lifting conditions at the planned max. and min. connection distance. The results of these tests are taken as graphics and tables and examined to ensure the highest quality product.
  • Explosion Testing: In explosion testing, the minimum endurance pressures of the air springs are evaluated. This is achieved by applying the maximum pressure to the air spring components. The development team studies the deformation of the bursting form and improve the design of the product as needed.

Connect Air Springs Reviews

Out of 5 reviews, the average customer rating for Connect Air Springs: 4.4 out of 5.

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