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SumoSprings vs. Timbren

This video explains the differences between Timbren and SumoSprings. Timbren vs. SumoSprings

At Truckspring.com we are frequently asked to help customers choose between SumoSprings and Timbren load support products. Although these helper springs are similar in design, they both have unique features. These features set them apart from each other and make them better suited for different situations.

Both the Timbren and SumoSprings act as a fixed load support system, this means that once installed they do not need adjustment or maintenance.

Unlike an airbag suspension kit that requires maintaining air pressure, these kits are install and forget. They will have a set ride height or an axle gap and will engage when the suspension is loaded and begins to compress. The more that they are compressed the more that they will resist compression. The differences in these products is the density of the material and the way that they handle compression.


SumoSprings use a micro-cellular urethane which captures millions of air bubbles within the material. This allows them to vary the density and provide multiple capacity options for a given application with the color of the material representing the amount of air inclusion and the intended use for the SumoSpring.

Air Spring Identification Step One
  • Micro-Cellular urethane material
  • Limited Lifetime warranty. 3-year commercial limited warranty
  • Multiple material densities for the same application
  • Multiple mounting configurations (Solo, Maxim, and Rebel)
  • Smooth and progressive spring rate
  • Helps remove harsh ride
  • Preferred on motorhome applications and light, medium duty front axle applications
  • Softer ride

  • Blue

    This is the lightest option which is best suited for light applications or applications where a softer bump stop is desired. This would include smaller trucks and applications for the front axle.

    Blue SumoSprings


    A balanced option suited for light, medium, and heavy-duty use. This includes Class B and Class C motorhomes as well as rear application for many pickups.

    Black SumoSprings


    Well suited for medium and heavy-duty use. This includes Class A motorhomes and commercial use. The yellow material has the least amount of trapped air making this the densest material.

    Blue SumoSprings

    They come in a variety of mounting styles.

    Sumospring solo:

    Air Spring Identification Step Five

    A one-piece unit attached to the frame of the vehicle. This is used as a bump stop replacement that will only contact and provide support once a load has been placed on the vehicle. It requires an initial sag of the suspension to allow the Sumo Spring to begin supporting weight with an air gap of ¾” to 1”. The solo series are preferred when you do not want to change the ride quality when unloaded or on vehicles that are loaded infrequently.

    Sumospring Maxim:

    Air Spring Identification Step Five

    A one-piece unit that is attached on both the top and bottom to the frame and the axle continuously. The Maxim series will resist both compression and extension (expanding up to 50% of its original height) to give you both load support and extra sway control. The Maxim series are preferred on vehicles that are heavy or continuously loaded. Especially when they are top heavy and will benefit from increased sway control.

    Sumospring Rebel:

    Air Spring Identification Step Five

    A two-piece unit that are attached to the frame and the axle separately. The Rebel will not limit suspension travel but will begin to provide support quickly as the suspension is compressed. The Rebel series is preferred with off-road vehicles that haul frequently and need to maintain articulation.

    Timbren SES

    The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System uses an Aeon hollow rubber spring. This rubber is proprietary to Timbren and has unique characterizes that make it well suited as a suspension enhancement. The Aeon rubber spring has a variable rate which will increase resistance as it is compressed, and the rubber is self-damping which helps with vibration isolation and acts as a shock absorber. This material is extremely durable and is maintenance free.

    The design of Timbren SES products is similar between applications. The Aeon is designed to be a replacement for the original bump stops but allow for the support of weight.

    Timbren SES
  • Aeon hollow rubber spring
  • Limited lifetime warranty. 5-year severe service limited warranty
  • Material density tuned for specific applications
  • Single and Double convoluted options for different usage
  • Mounts to existing bump stop locations
  • Custom options for lift kits available
  • Preferred on heavy hauling applications and excellent for snow plows.
  • Higher weight capacity

  • Timbren Applications

    Front axle applications:The Aeon is constantly staying in contact with the control arms or front axle. This provides support consistently for vehicles with snow plows or heavy front bumpers.

    Light-duty rear axle:The Timbren springs are designed to have an air gap of ¾” to 1”. This allows the vehicle to maintain the factory ride when unloaded. When the vehicle is loaded the suspension will compress and allow the Aeon to contact and begin supporting weight.

    Medium and heavy-duty rear axle applications: The Aeons will be in constant contact. These vehicles are likely to be constantly loaded and will benefit from the extra support.

    The rubber Aeon material remains the same between all the kits but there are multiple configurations for shape and size.

    Single Convolution: These Aeons resemble a single convoluted air spring. These are a single unit used when space is limited, extra stability is required, or a more aggressive spring rate is needed. These are used on front axle applications for snow plows and heavy aftermarket bumpers where they will stay in constant contact with the control arms or front axle. These are also used on severe service rear applications like salt spreaders, in-bed campers, and utility beds.

    Timbren SES

    Double Convolution Round: They resemble a double convoluted air spring. They have 2 sections that taper in the center where they meet. These have the widest use range with a balance of ride quality and spring rate. The double convoluted assemblies are taller and provide a longer deflection curve giving the material a less aggressive response to load. The round style is used very commonly on rear applications for light and medium duty trucks, vans, and RV’s.

    Timbren SES

    Double Convolution Rectangular: These Aeon springs are used on Heavy Duty Class 8 trucks. They are used to support and stabilize very heavy loads. These are a doubled version of a round Aeon with 3X the deflection curve.

    Timbren SES

    Which is Best for Me?

    Timbren and SuperSprings both have a unique approach to a fixed load support solution. Timbren using rubber and SumoSprings using urethane. Both materials are very durable and will provide load support for many years but because of the different densities they are better suited for different usages.

    Timbren SES is a great choice for a heavy hauler that desires a maintenance free suspension upgrade. On front applications with a large snow plow or a rear application with heavy 5th wheel or utility bed the Timbren SES will really shine. Timbren Aeons will provide a long lasting and heavy hauling suspension enhancement that can even benefit Class 8 trucks.

    SumoSprings have a wide variety of applications and are a good choice when a balance of weight support and comfort are desired. They are a great option for a softer front axle bump stop replacement as well as rear axle applications that may call for a Maxim for extra sway control or a Rebel for uninterrupted suspension articulation. In most cases SumoSprings are preferred for use on motorhome applications due to the lower density of the material. A lower material density will mean a lower carrying capacity but also a softer ride which is preferred on a motorhome which will see many miles and long trips.

    If you truck is sagging without any load on it, we recommend examining your current stock suspension before adding an aftermarket load support product. These kits are designed to work with leaf springs that are in good condition. We are a warehouse distributors of helper springs and have years of experience installing them in our service department on all types of trucks, suv’s and motorhomes. If you need help deciding between Timbren or Sumosprings, feel free to call us at 800-358-4751.

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